What You Need to Know Before Moving to Spain to Teach English (The Ultimate Super Cheat Sheet)

Getting a job teaching English in Spain takes a lot of planning and knowledge about the teaching market, especially for Americans. Here are some key items you need to know in order to ensure a smooth transition to life abroad and successfully secure a teaching job.

Hiring Seasons - September/October & January are prime hiring periods.

 Visas - The type of visa will depend on your nationality and your job.

 Locations - Madrid is the top job market; Barcelona & Bilbao are other top options.

 Finding Jobs - Plan on being on the ground in Spain to interview during hiring seasons.

 Interviewing - Be prepared to interview face-to-face with your TEFL certificate & sample lesson plans in hand.

 Resources - From expert advisors to local job boards, ITA grads receive all the resources they need to get a good job teaching English in Spain.

Exploring Spain Through 5 Glasses of Wine

By: Helen Schenck

While the nation of Spain is not even as big as the state of Texas, it offers just as much diversity, culture, and variety as any country you will find out there. Traveling from north to south to east to west, you will hear 5 different languages spoken; you will cross mountains, deserts, plateaus, and even reach islands; and you will stumble upon both some of the oldest and some of the most modern buildings in the world. One way to experience a taste of this diversity is in a glass of wine. Yep, that’s right, wine. In a glass of Spanish wine, you can taste 1000’s of years of history, you can taste the diversity of terrain, and you can taste a little of the story of the grand country that is Spain. So here is a beginner’s guide from a wannabe sommelier, on how to taste the complexity of Spain through 5 glasses of Spanish wine.

Teaching English in Spain vs. Argentina: The Ultimate Throwdown

Spain vs. Argentina:

Two ITA Advisors Go Head-to-Head on
Which is Tops for Teaching English Abroad

By: Lauren Davis & Helen Schenck

Good evening and welcome to an ITA match-up that promises to be a clasico in every sense of the word. On one side of the world, measuring in with a mainland area of 2,780,400 km2 and some darn good chorizo, we have ARGENTINA….. And on the other side of the world, coming in as the sixth largest country in Europe with some tasty sangria to boot, we present SPAIN. And tonight's prize?