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How Much Can I Earn and Save as an English Teacher in Taiwan?

Learn how much English teachers make in Taiwan and understand salary benefits, savings and cost of living expenses for teaching English in Taiwan.

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Taiwan is often an underrated market for teaching English abroad when it comes to salaries. It’s usually overshadowed by the perks that teachers receive in neighboring countries like South Korea and China, such as paid airfare and housing. Even though it’s not common to see those particular perks included in your contract in Taiwan, English teachers in Taiwan can still expect great benefits and pay.

In this article, I’ll break down a few examples of different working and saving scenarios that my friends and I were able to accomplish while teaching English in Taiwan. For the sake of keeping things simple, I’ll quote everything in the US Dollar, not the New Taiwanese Dollar.

What is the Average English Teacher Salary in Taiwan?

English teachers in Taiwan can earn anywhere between $2,000 - $3,000 USD per month. This provides the opportunity to save the same amount per month as you would in China and South Korea, which is anywhere from $700-$1,000 USD per month. Some teachers may earn more based on previous experience or seniority at their school.

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Salary, Benefits & Expenses When Teaching English in Taiwan

Hours, Salary & Expenses English Teacher in Taiwan Details
Monthly Salary $2,000-$3,000 USD
Teaching Hours 20-25 Hours per week
Lesson planning & Course Prep 5-10 Hours per week
Extra Tutoring $20-$25 USD an hour
Accommodation $300-$400 per month
Additional Expenses $800-$1,000 USD per month
Savings Opportunity $800-$1,800 per month


Now that you know the important numbers, there's nothing better than learning about real people's experiences. So let me walk you through two of my friends and I's salaries and benefits in Taiwan.

Case Study 1

"I made roughly $2,200 USD per month teaching 25 hours per week. My rent was $300 USD per month and my other expenses were $1,000 USD per month. In total, I was able to save an average of $800-$900 USD per month.'

- ITA Admissions Advisor Felicia Braverman


I’ll start with me. I worked full-time at a high school teaching English in Taipei, Taiwan. I made roughly $2,200 per month working 25 teaching hours per week. I spent about 5-10 hours of prepping and planning outside of those hours, so it came out to roughly 30-35 hours per week of total work. My rent was $300 per month and I spent around $1,000 per month on going out, regional travel, dinners, public transport, cell phone, and other miscellaneous bills.

So at the end of the month, I was saving an average of $800-$900. I was much more interested in traveling than tucking away this money for a rainy day. So I got to see a lot of Asia during my year as a teacher. I visited South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and went all over Taiwan.

Case Study 2

"My co-worker also made $2,200 USD per month teaching at the high school. However, she was a big saver and also picked up extra tutoring work at about $20-$25 USD an hour. Per month, she was able to save an average of $1,300 USD per month. After 3 years, she managed to pay off $18,000 USD in credit card debt.'

- ITA Admissions Advisor Felicia Braverman


The second example is my co-worker who worked with me at the high school. She made the same salary as me, but was pretty diligent with saving her money. She also picked up private tutoring jobs to supplement her income. Private tutoring in Taiwan can land you an extra $20-$25/hour, so it’s definitely worth your time if you decide you want to work extra hours! She saved about $1300/month.

She worked in Taiwan for three years, and not only did she pay off $18,000 in credit card debt, but she also backpacked for four months around South East Asia and India once she completed her three-year stint in Taiwan.


Case Study 3

"My Canadian roommate made roughly $3,000 USD per month teaching for 40 hours per week. She wanted to pay for a condo back home and was a big saver. In total, she was able to save an average of $1,800 USD per month. After 3 years, she took home $65,000 USD to help her pay for her condo appartment.'

- ITA Admissions Advisor Felicia Braverman


The third example is my roommate. She was from Toronto and went to Taiwan with the goal of saving a substantial amount of money to put a sizable down payment on a condo back home.

She was also really diligent about saving and picking up private tutoring hours to accomplish her goal. She worked around 40 teaching hours per week and made roughly $3,000 per month. Her portion of the rent was a little higher ($400 per month) and she spent around $800 per month on going out and enjoying her time in Taiwan and paying other bills.

She was able to save $1,800/month. After her three years of working in Taiwan, she took $65,000 back home and is currently living in that high-rise condo in The Junction, Toronto.

an English teacher in Taiwan in her classroom with her TEFL students

I love sharing these stories about all that we were able to accomplish as teachers in Taiwan. Something to note as well is that we weren’t suffering through long hours of labor to save this money. We were still traveling and enjoying life as ex-pats! Teaching English in Taiwan is truly a win-win for people who are interested in paying off debts, saving for future endeavors, or for those who simply just want to see the world.

I hope you found this information useful. Please fill out a form and get in touch with any questions!

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