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What TEFL Certification is best for Teaching English in Asia? [Expert Tips]

Planning to teach English in Asia but unsure which TEFL Certification course is right for you? Here are some tips to help you choose the best option for you!

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How Much Can I Earn and Save as an English Teacher in Taiwan?

How much do English teachers make in Taiwan? Learn about the salary of an English teacher in Taiwan, including benefits, savings and cost of living.

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6 Things to Bring from Home When You Move to Taiwan to Teach English

Going to teach English in Taiwan? Make sure you pack these 6 essential items!

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3 Reasons Why You Don't Need a 'Program' to Teach English Abroad

Using a program to teach abroad may seem easier and convenient, but consider these 3 reasons why you should NOT use a program and move abroad independently!

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5 Reasons To Teach English in Taiwan

Considering teaching English abroad in Asia? Here are 5 reasons why you should consider Taiwan as a one of the premiere markets in Asia.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad

Should I teach English abroad? Is it the right career for me? ITA advisor Felicia shares five reasons why you should consider teaching English abroad.

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