17 Places to Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day Around the World

  • Are you a big fan of St Patrick’s Day celebrations?
  • Do you love wearing green on March 17th and pinching people who aren’t?

Do you like the traditions that this celebrations brings along with it… like drinking a lot of beer, making shamrocks shakes, attending parades, watching kids searching for the elusive four-leaf clover or just enjoying the party?Saint Patrick’s Day may be an Irish celebration, the time to honor the Saint who brought Christianity to Ireland, but If you are teaching English overseas, don’t worry! Going green has caught on from all around the globe from Munich to Malaysia! Here 17 places outside of Ireland where you can find great Saint Patrick’s celebrations around the world!

1. Paris, France

In Paris even the Moulin Rouge goes green! The city has numerous Irish pubs that will prepare events, green Guinness and street parades. The Irish Cultural center arranges various celebrations too. 

2. Munich, Germany 

Germans love to celebrate, and St. Patrick’s Day isn’t an exception.  In Munich enjoy the “Ludwigstrasse Parade,” the “Munich Saint Patrick's Day Parade 2013,” or one of the many other parades that they host on this day. And remember that The Allianz Arena goes green on the 17th!

3. Pisa, Italy

The celebration in Italy includes turning green the leaning Tower of Pisa. In Florence they celebrate the “Festa Irlandese,” ten days of music, food, beer and other drinks.

4. Barcelona, Spain

Spain also celebrates St. Paddy’s and they host an annual regatta every year in honor of St. Patrick in Barcelona. Irish music, beer, and Celtic dancers will be part of the parties after the regatta.

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5. Greece

The Greek-Irish Society arranges a variety of celebrations around Greece, including concerts, parties and receptions. In major cities like Athens, both many local tavernas as well as Irish pubs offer traditional Irish fare, green beer and music.

6. Moscow, Russia

St. Patrick’s Day in Moscow, Russia is really popular, especially since 1992 when they held their first parade. Since that time, every year this celebration attracts more and more visitors, which is getting more famous as the parade gets bigger and more exciting! 

7.  Tokyo, Japan

People in Japan celebrate St Patrick’s with their pets! The Parade in Omote Sando, Tokyo is organized by the Irish Network Japan, and has been a tradition since 1992 that is attended by Irish and other expatriates, including up to 2,000 English teaching assistants. Even the Tokyo tower is illuminated green!

8. Seoul, Korea

This is a day when all foreigners get together and celebrate around the famous, Seoul neighborhood called Insadong. Parades, performances, live music and more are part of the menu on the green day in Seoul.

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9. China

Shanghai holds a parade that attracts many visitors along Nanjing Donglu, Shanghai’s most famous street. Meanwhile, in Beijing Irish pubs are also getting ready to celebrate and many local English teachers throw private parties as well!

10. Singapore

Singapore may have a reputation for being a bit uptight, but on St. Patrick's Day you wouldn't know it. Claiming its roots in the British Empire, Singapore is home to many westerns expatriates who love to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Throughout the city, bars, restaurants and cultural organizations throw all kinds of parties, concerts and other festivities. Even people from Malaysia and Indonesia make the trip to join the fun. 

11. Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Since 1925,  the “St Patrick’s Society of Selengor” has organized and hosted celebrations in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia including the St. Patrick's Ball, which is billed as the largest St. Patrick's Day celebration in Asia.

12. Taipei, Taiwan

Irish pubs in Taipei hold big celebrations and parties. Many foreigners teaching English in Taipei join with the locals in attending parties, concerts and various Irish pubs.

13.  Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you are in Buenos Aires, head downtown to Reconquista Street, where most of the Irish pubs will be celebrating until the sunrise!

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14. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In Brazil, the iconic Christ the Redeemer will go green in Rio, where Irish pubs prepare green beer, food and live music. Lapa, a neighborhood that receive hundreds of foreigners every day, is getting ready for the celebration too!

15. Mexico

St. Patrick’s Day has a special significance in Mexico where a strong affection for the Irish dates to the 1840s when El Batallón de los San Patricios or “St. Patrick’s Battalion" of Irish soldiers fought bravely alongside Mexicans in the Mexican-American War.  Their heroism is commemorated on St. Patrick's Day in cities and towns around the nation.

16. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is home to a large expat community, including English teachers, that gets together to celebrates St. Patrick’s day in Irish pubs around the city, some of them even make March an entire month of festivities, with Irish cultural festivals, music, dancing, movies, poetry readings and more!

17. Dubai, U.A.E

St. Patrick’s in the Middle East!!! Yeah, it is true!!! Actually Dubai really gets into the holiday, even turning The Burj Al Arab green. In addition, expatriates and locals gather at special parties and receptions.

So, almost wherever you are in the world, whether you are teaching English, or just traveling, you will be able to let your Irish side go green and enjoy a St. Patrick's Day that you will never forget!


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