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Megan Court

Online TEFL Class Professor

What class do you teach at International TEFL Academy & when did you start?

I have taught the Online TEFL/TESOL Certification Course since September 2018.

What is your educational background?

MA in TESOL from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN
BA in History from University of MN, Twin Cities
TEFL Certificate

Where have you taught abroad AND IN THE U.S.?

Minnesota Literacy Council; 
International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit

EFL Peace Corps Volunteer teacher in Mauritania and Rwanda
American Language Center in Rabat, Morocco

TEFL Certification International TEFL Academy

What countries have you visited?

I have travelled to France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Senegal, Ethiopia, Australia, and China (Hong Kong).  I have lived in Mauritania, Rwanda, and Morocco.  

What's your favorite travel memory?

I have many great travel memories, but one of the best experiences I’ve had as a traveller was when my younger brother came to visit me in Mauritania.  We travelled far up north and rode on top of an iron-ore train for 15 hours (460 km) in the dead of night through the desert to the Atlantic Coast.  We literally climbed up the side ladder and rode on the iron-ore, which was soft like sand and surprisingly cozy.

What Advice Do You Have for ITA Students Who Want to Teach English Abroad? 

I know that many people want to teach in Europe, and European countries are wonderful places to live.  However, I would encourage ITA students to explore opportunities in other parts of the world as well, specifically in developing countries.  The cost of living in many of these places is quite reasonable and English instructors are in high demand.  

TEFL Certification International TEFL Academy