Marika Mando Fedorcova | Online TEFL Course Instructor

Marika Mando Fedorcova TEFL Course Instructor

What classes do you teach at International TEFL Academy?

I teach the Online TEFL Course.

What is your educational background?

  • TEFL Certificate (CELTA), 2003
  • DELTA Diploma (Diploma in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), 2007
  • IHYLC - International House Certificate in teaching young learners, 2006
  • IHCO - International House Certificate in teaching one-on-one classes, 2006
  • MA in Teaching English Language and Literature to Speakers of Other Languages from University of Presov, Slovakia, 1999

Where have you taught?

I am a teacher and a teacher trainer with over twenty years of EFL/ESL teaching experience. My journey started at a local elementary school in Slovakia. After having a go at running my own language school, I decided to move to Prague in the Czech Republic where I taught EFL in a language school and ESP (Business English) in companies. After relocating to Pennsylvania in 2008, my context shifted to teaching Academic English and preparing international students (mostly from China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil) to study at US colleges and universities.

What countries have you visited?

UK, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Egypt, and Ireland.

What is your favorite travel memory?

Spending 3 weeks exploring the beauty of Greece without any itinerary, just thinking a couple of days ahead. Between being in awe with historical sites and being rocked by the sea,  I stumbled upon lots of little nooks not visited by tourists much and ate the greek salad I still dream of.

What advice do you have for ITA students who want to teach English abroad?

As for living in a new country, don’t make a checklist of places to see, instead ask locals and go with the flow; you’ll be surprised by “off the beaten path” discoveries. Remember that not only are you exploring a new environment but people around you are also learning about your culture through you.  Regarding teaching, don’t expect to be perfect. Lesson planning is important but so is getting a night of good sleep!

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