A Day In the Life of a Student in the Chiang Mai, Thailand TEFL Class

International TEFL Academy is proud to offer a world-class 4-week Chiang Mai TEFL course at our partner TEFL school’s headquarters located in the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Employing a state-of-the-art curriculum and taught by expert university-level instructors, this course is designed to provide you with the skills & qualification you need to succeed in teaching English abroad. This course is fun and you will learn a ton, but it is also very demanding and requires that you be prepared to meet the full-time demands of a rigorous university-level course. To help you prepare for this course, we've put together a typical day in the life schedule to outline the daily grind and committment required. 

11 Tips for Budget Travel in Asia

By Paige Lee

One of the most beautiful things about teaching and traveling in Asia is how inexpensive everything can seem compared to costs in your home country. Paying a dollar for a beer or 30 cents for a bus ride can make cash feel like monopoly money! But if you’re planning to do a long backpacking trip before or after a year of teaching in Asia (like I did after my year teaching in China), spending money like it’s a toy can catch up with you. Fortunately, Asia is one of the easiest regions to travel and cut costs in!

Lucky for you, many of the ITA Admissions Advisors taught English in Asia (China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, etc…) so we’ve got cheap travel down to a science! Below are 11 of our favorite tips to get the most out an extended trip in Asia!

Top 5 Destinations to Surf and Teach English abroad

Love to surf and want to see the world?

Teaching English abroad provides a viable way to get paid to live overseas in any of up to 80 countries around the world, including many that offer great surfing opportunities. From Costa Rica and Brazil to Thailand and Taiwan, here are some of my top picks:

Teaching English in Thailand: Celebrating Songkran - The Thai New Year!

One of the great benefits of teaching English abroad is enjoying the opportunity to experience the celebrations and festivals of different cultures. For those teaching English in Thailand, this is certainly the case when mid-April arrives and the nation seemingly erupts into a giant water fight to commemorate Songkran - the Thai New Year, which is certainly one of the  most colorful and unique festivals in the world. The most striking element of this ancient festival is the ubiquitous splashing and throwing of water - by hand, water-gun, hoses, and even elephants - upon others, which is regarded as a New Year's blessing.

Discover the City of Angels While Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand

Perhaps no city in the world is more of a study in contrasts than Bangkok, a dazzling metropolis of 10 million that serves as the capital of Thailand.  Here soaring glass skyscrapers overlook centuries-old palaces and pagodas while monumental shopping malls stand blocks away from traditional floating markets. This is a city where clean-shaven Buddhist monks rub shoulders with Armani-clad businessmen and zippy little "tuk tuks" (motorized rickshaws that serve as Bangkok's favorite taxis) weave around sparkling Mercedes on traffic-choked thoroughfares that run alongside serene parks and ancient temples. Bangkok is the city where you can eat a sumptuous world class meal in a five-star restaurant for hundreds of dollars, or dine on mind-blowing curry or soul-soothing noodle soup prepared street side for a dollar or less

11 Slices of Paradise to Discover While Teaching English in Thailand - The Land of Smiles

Thailand is a land for adventure and discovery! Located in the heart of Asia, this nation of 66 million people offers a stunning combination of tropical coastlines, lush rainforests, ancient cities, centuries of culture and exquisite cuisine.  Thailand is also one of the largest job markets in the world for teaching English abroad, providing a perfect vehicle for those who want to immerse themselves in this magnificent country.