What Are Salaries for English Teachers in the Middle East in 2020?

By Michael Kunik

Stretching from the western shores of North Africa across the Sahara to the Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and into the heart of Central Asia, the Middle East is a vast and diverse region not only from the standpoint of its cultures and geography, but in terms of the opportunities it offers certified English teachers as well.

In the wealthy Arab nations of the Persian Gulf region, English teachers can command some of the highest salaries and finest benefit packages in the world and must compete in a competitive job market. Often schools in this region of the Middle East will require English teaches to have a Master’s Degree (sometimes in education) and previous teaching experience, on top of their TEFL certification. That's not to say it's impossible for first-time teachers to get a job in this region (especially in Saudi Arabia), but you will need to be persistent, patient and flexible in your job search. Those who qualify for such positions will enjoy some of the highest salaries in the field as pay can range from $2,500 - $6,000 a month, plus free housing and flights to and from the teacher’s home country.

How Teaching English Helped Correct Misconceptions I Had About the Middle East

By: Adam Lucente

I met Samir at an English-language primary school we taught at in Amman, Jordan. He first caught my attention when he walked into the break room where I was sitting with an American colleague and said, “Hello, American people.” Samir and I got along well, and one day we made plans to meet up after work. He wanted to go to a cafe that had banana and milk cocktails – his favorite drink.