10 Best Countries for Teaching English Abroad in 2020

What are the Top Countries for English Teaching Jobs Abroad in 2020?

Author: Jessie Smith

Updated: December 2, 2019

South Korea. Costa Rica. Morocco. Japan.  Which countries will make the list as top destinations for teaching English abroad in 2020?

With 1.7  billion people using and learning English worldwide, the international job market for teaching English abroad and teaching English online have never been stronger. There are new opportunities opening every single day overseas in countries like Vietnam, Colombia, South Korea & the Czech Republic!

Teaching English overseas provides more opportunities than any other field for English speakers from all walks of life and all backgrounds to live, work and travel abroad in foreign countries across the globe.  

No prior teaching experience is required! However, taking an accredited TEFL certification course will allow you to gain the skills and qualification you need to get hired and to teach on the professional level.

As we look forward toward to 2020, here are 10 of the top job markets to consider as you look at your options for teaching English abroad this coming year....

Top Ten Cities to Teach English Abroad in Latin America

By Glenn Schneider

1. Bogota, Colombia

2. Mexico City, Mexico

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

4. Santiago, Chile

5. Montevideo, Uruguay

6. Guadalajara, Mexico

7. San Jose, Costa Rica

8. Medellin, Colombia

9. Quito, Ecuador

10. Sao Paolo, Brazil


11 Reasons Why You Might Choose to Teach English in Latin America Over Spain

By Helen Schenck

I was 20, in college, day dreaming about my dream-life in Spain. I dreamed of sunny days in parks that have been around for centuries. I imagined myself walking through museums studded with Picassos and Goyas. I saw myself meeting my friends for tapas, all while having deep, Hemingway-esque conversations. Within months I was actually in Spain, living this dream.

While I was fortunate to experience each of these things while teaching English in Spain, I came back to the U.S. with a thirst for something more….but still in a Spanish accent. My thirst was satiated upon my next trip to Central America…and then again to South America and Mexico and beyond. Before, I had seen Spain as the end all be all of the Spanish-speaking world, but experiencing Latin America changed this, and my world, entirely.

So, if you want to learn Spanish and enjoy a tremendous international experience teaching English abroad, here are 11 of the many reasons to consider teaching English in Latin America rather than Spain.

Top 5 Destinations to Surf and Teach English abroad

Love to surf and want to see the world?

Teaching English abroad provides a viable way to get paid to live overseas in any of up to 80 countries around the world, including many that offer great surfing opportunities. From Costa Rica and Brazil to Thailand and Taiwan, here are some of my top picks:

Fork in the Road: My Life After Teaching Abroad

By Ashley Strong

after teaching abroad.

life after teaching abroad will quite simply never be the same
as it was,
just before the expansion occurred.

What kind of expansion?

You know,
or you may be learning,
the expansion of wings.
Those ones that you took to leave your present
or now past life
to venture,
changing that of your path.
What am I saying with this “you?”
Because life after teaching abroad for you,
going to be different,
than that,
for me.

To get to my life after teaching aboard,
I think the beginning,
that time before teaching abroad is appropriate to come into view.
Not only that,
but bring it back into the I, the me, the my.
And let the you, the your, belong to you.
Fully to you.

Teaching English Abroad - It Will Be Far Greater Than Imagined…

By:  Ashley Strong

Those are the words written on a card.
A card that sits prominently on my alter.
Gifted by a dear friend before leaving the States.
Here I am.
Four months into my journey in Costa Rica.
Where is the time going?
Some days seem as if they fly.
Others feel as if they linger around far more than desirable.
Either way.
I feel so incredibly blessed
and beyond happy everyday.