The Pleasure of Teaching English to Adults in Vietnam


By: Meredith Clarke

I’ve never particularly liked kids. I’ve never babysat a day in my life. I have no younger siblings. Even growing up, most of my friends were at least a year or two older than me. I get along well with the occasional child at a wedding or family function, but more than one at a time and I start to feel overwhelmed.

A Survival Guide to Moving Abroad to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, also known as Saigon, will forever be one of my favorite places. It was a bit of a slow burn type of love on my end, and it did take awhile to acclimate myself with its culture and my surroundings, though. First off, the neighborhoods in Saigon are sprawling throughout the general region, which I found pretty shocking. There are 24 districts in total; seven of them are considered urban, seven others are numbered and the other five are considered the suburbs. This city is insanely massive, which I’m not sure many people know about.

But I Don't Speak Vietnamese! Teaching English in Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

A standout memory for me during my in-person Chicago TEFL class at ITA was watching how dedicated one of my course mates was to learning the Korean language. Here I was, completely unsure of where I even wanted to teach, and this guy was aggressively studying in the best way possible. He had his mind set on learning Hangul, and impressively, is now fluent in the language and still living in South Korea. 

Tips to Overcome Culture Shock While Teaching English in Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

Overcoming culture shock in Vietnam wasn’t the easiest task for me. There are certainly days where Ho Chi Minh City feels like the Wild Wild West. Men and children are often urinating on the side of the road, I see animals - living and dead - tied to the backs of motorbikes en route to slaughter on a daily basis and my entire neighborhood loves singing karaoke at the loudest possible volume at all hours of the night. It’s honestly not the easiest place to live, but I love it.

Top 5 Ways to Prepare to Live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

Something strange I found before moving out here was there aren’t too many guides that are centered around ways to prepare to live in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Despite the fact there are literally thousands of English teachers around town, the lack of information is pretty astounding. Here are my top 5 tips for those of you preparing to live in Ho Chi Minh City.

5 Reasons Why I Wanted to Teach English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

I chose to teach English in Ho Chi Minh City for a number of reasons. I first visited this lovely country back in 2014 on a trip to Hanoi, Mai Chau, and Ha Long Bay. While it was just a quick trip, I was completely entranced with the region and found it pretty easy to imagine myself living there within the next few months to a year.

Classrooms Around the World - Teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I took on a job as a public school teacher in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It’s no surprise that classrooms around the world are varying; some come equipped with high-end technology, whereas others may not even have a chalkboard. After spending over two years teaching in South Korea’s ritzy Gangnam neighborhood, I was certain no classroom would ever be as well-equipped as my previous one. However, I have been pleasantly surprised this past school year. I teach in three different classrooms; there’s a benefit to having a variety, but there are definitely pros and cons to each different space.