Best Tips for Teaching Abroad with Your Spouse or Significant Other

By Michael Kunik

Got a special someone in your life, but want to move overseas? Traveling with your spouse or significant other is possible in every English teaching market. In the summer of 2009, my wife and I sold most of our stuff, packed a few bags, and headed off to Madrid, Spain,  to start a new life together as English teachers. We had done all the research, we got TEFL Certified, saved money, and come up with a solid plan. Yet, even then, we were still scared half to death about actually following through with this dream of ours. Quitting our careers to move halfway around the planet without a job, friends, or place to stay seemed….well….crazy!

We had each other though, and in the end, that gave us the final push we needed to pursue this adventure. I can confidently speak for both of us when I say, it was the best decision of our lives!

Singles Only, Says Who? 7 Reasons to Teach English Abroad as a Couple

 By: Tom Buskey

In today’s world, social media has a strong presence. People are constantly bombarded with news, videos, and opinions of other people. So many times I have seen on social media outlets the benefits of solo traveling and the amazing experience you will receive. Although this may be true, I am here to tell you that moving abroad and traveling around the world is not only for single people and that the couples can do it too!

Many believe that moving/traveling abroad will be this soul searching experience and you will be able to get in touch with your inner self and find out your true calling in life. This may be the case, but you can also achieve those same goals with your partner (or friend) by your side. Some may say that traveling alone will give you a sense of achievement and independence, but I really do believe that I was able to accomplish those goals even with my partner by my side.

Day in the Life of an English Teacher - Da Nang, Vietnam

 By: Jane Smith

I’m currently living in Da Nang, Vietnam. Thanks to International TEFL Academy’s Online TEFL course, I’m a TEFL certified teacher and easily found a great job! In Da Nang, most teaching jobs are at centers that teach outside of regular school hours. I work Wednesday through Sunday on weeknights and all day on the weekends. In my work contract, I have to work 35 hours per week, which includes 18 teaching hours. When I’m not teaching, I have to spend 17 hours in the office, which includes lesson planning, meetings, greeting students before class, and meeting with parents. Luckily, I get to choose when to do my office hours, and I can sort of make my own schedule, outside of my scheduled classes. Even though my weekends are long and tiring, I love working weeknights Wednesday through Friday, because I get to enjoy Da Nang during the day. It’s winter now and when it’s not raining; it’s very beautiful! I’m grateful for this beautiful weather because the summers are incredibly hot. It’s especially hot since I drive a motorbike and air conditioning is not common in restaurants and shopping places.

Food, Friends, and Finding a Family in China

By: Chelseigh Robinson

I am often asked what my favorite thing about China is. I love the teaching; the food is terrific; and it is very easy to save money.
To be truthful, however, everything else pales in comparison to the kindness of the people here, and I want to share that with you. It’s these people, and not everyday comforts, that made China my home.

I knew a long time ago that I wanted to travel. I also knew that the best way to do this practically would be to get a job teaching English. So I did my research,and since I am so far from a major city, chose to take an online class with International TEFL Academy at the same time I finished my university degree. It was then that I started searching for my first country of adventure.

Starting a New Life...Teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By Collen Kriel


Moving to a new country, where you can’t speak the language, where foods, sights and smells are all new was never going to be easy. However after eight months of research, planning and selling everything, my girlfriend and I knew as much as we could know in this short period of time.

In August 2013, my girlfriend and I decided enough was enough, we were over the corporate world and were going to step completely out of our comfort zones, move to Thailand and study to be English teachers.