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TEFL Job Search Guidance vs Job Placement: What’s the Difference?

Don't know whether you should choose a TEFL course with job search guidance or a TEFL program that offers guaranteed job placement? Let's find out the pros and cons of each of these options.

If you're interested in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and looking for job opportunities, you may have come across two common terms: job search guidance and job placement. While these terms may sound similar, they actually refer to two different types of services offered by TEFL organizations. 

How to Find TEFL Jobs: Job Placement vs Job Search Guidance

Let's explore the differences between TEFL job search guidance and job placement, so you can make an informed decision on which service is right for you.

What is TEFL Job Search Guidance?

Job Search Guidance is a service designed to provide TEFL graduates with the resources they need to get a great job teaching English abroad, including personalized support from our team of experienced job search advisors. It does not place TEFL certified English teachers into specific jobs.

More than 40,000 alumni have benefitted from International TEFL Academy (ITA)’s lifetime Job Search Guidance - finding exciting, fulfilling jobs teaching English in 80+ countries worldwide. This comprehensive guidance and personalized assistance, included with enrollment in every standard ITA TEFL certification course, is a key reason why students choose ITA and rate us as the top provider of TEFL certification year after year.  

If you want more than guidance and prefer concierge-level support in navigating international job markets, ITA now also offers guaranteed job placements for teaching English in Thailand, Korea or Japan.

What is TEFL Job Placement?

ITA's job placement programs provide a guaranteed English teaching job and salary range in Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Japan. The programs also entail end-to-end personalized service for every step of the process, including visa support, interview coaching, and cultural orientation.

For an additional fee, you’ll get the next level of hands-on support and guidance in securing employment abroad with facilitated job applications, arranged interviews, and guaranteed job placements and salary ranges. You’ll also receive extra guidance for moving abroad and living internationally - with personalized support for everything from securing a visa to cultural orientation. 

Which approach is right for you? It will all depend on your goals, your comfort level in navigating an international job search, and the financial investment you’d like to make. 


Who Should Choose Job Search Guidance? 

ITA designed lifetime Job Search Guidance to provide our graduates with the resources and guidance to get a great job teaching English abroad and online. More than 40,000 ITA graduates have gained employment teaching English in 80+ countries using our extensive resources, including 1-on-1 guidance from our team of experienced job search advisors. Job Search Guidance is included with the cost of enrollment in an ITA standard TEFL certification course - making it a great service at a great value. 

ITA's Job Search Guidance is especially ideal if you wish to explore opportunities in multiple countries, and if you want to explore teaching jobs in regions like Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. While employment is not guaranteed, students who show flexibility, use ITA's resources and guidance and put in the work succeed in finding a job. 

Guaranteed TEFL Job Placement Program

Who Should Choose a Guaranteed Job Placement Program? 

A guaranteed placement program is best for people who know they would like to teach in South Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, or Thailand and would like the extra assurance of a guaranteed job and salary range, with concierge-level service at every step of your journey. This premium service costs $1,750, or an additional $1,350 if bundled with an ITA standard TEFL certification course. 


Can I Get Both TEFL Job Options?

Yes! You can bundle a Guaranteed Placement Program with ITA’s TEFL certification course, saving $400 in the process. You’ll get the best of both worlds - access to ITA’s job search guidance and alumni community, alongside a guaranteed job abroad. 

If you are an ITA student or graduate, you already enjoy lifetime access to Job Search Guidance and can register for a job placement program with a $300 discount on your placement fee

Compare the benefits of each below:

  Job Search Guidance (Included with ITA's Standard TEFL Course Enrollment)

ITA TEFL Course PLUS Guaranteed Placement Program

Guaranteed Placement Program ONLY
Guidance and resources to support finding a job in 80+ countries, including live webinars, a robust job search manual, and school contact information for 20,000 schools  
Lifetime access to ITA Student Services team and support in finding a job abroad   
Guidance and resources for securing employment in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and for teaching English online  
Robust 40k+ alumni community, including membership in Facebook groups and, invites to exclusive alumni virtual events and country meet-ups  
Feedback on resume, cover letters, contract offers, and information about preferred employers in 80+ countries  
Hands-on support in tailoring your resume, cover letter, and introductory video for jobs in Korea, Japan, or Thailand  
Guaranteed teaching jobs in Korea, Japan, or Thailand  
Job applications and interviews that are fully facilitated, with job matching to your preferences  
Guaranteed salary range  
Contract review and negotiation fully facilitated  
2,500+ vetted schools in partner network  
In-country support, including a 24-hour hotline and airport pickup  
40 hours of language and cultural training, with excursions with housing included  
Pre-departure support for document collection, securing a visa and work permit, and logistical preparations including packing guides  
Access to an in-country alumni community and regional teacher meetups and events  


Ready to take your first step? Still unsure what option is best for you? Your personalized advising and support starts now - click here to get in touch with our admissions team.


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