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Your Digital ITA TEFL Certificate: The What, Why, & How?

Learn about what your digital TEFL certificate means, how to use it, and why a digital version gives you the greatest flexibility when applying for jobs.

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10 Reasons Why International TEFL Academy Offers the Best TEFL Certification for Teaching English Abroad & Online in 2023

Learn why International TEFL Academy offers the best TEFL certification courses and best job placement assistance for teaching English abroad & online.

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Where Will Schools Hire Me In Advance To Teach English Abroad?

Where will schools interview and hire English teachers in advance? Schools in dozens of countries around the world interview and hire English teachers in advance of their departure abroad.

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How Can Student Affairs Assist Me With My Job Search?

Check out the many ways that the ITA Student Affairs team can assist you in your search to land a job teaching English abroad.

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7 Reasons Why ITA’s Job Search Guidance is Better than Job Placement

Job placements by schools may look appealing, but read this to see why ITA's Job Search Guidance is ten times better for you!

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Does ITA Have A Job Placement Guarantee?

International TEFL Academy helps our students find jobs teaching English abroad with our lifetime job search guidance.

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