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During its 2,500-year existence, Rome’s emperors, popes, and artists have crafted an unparalleled cultural, architectural and artistic heritage. Harboring some of the world’s most famous architectural heirlooms, the city itself exudes a cosmopolitan and romantic atmosphere that has inspired artists, poets and philosophers for generations. Regarded as both an international fashion capital and a millennium-long seat of religious and cultural power, Rome is truly at the center of it all.

Beyond its aesthetic beauty, Rome is also the hottest place in Italy to find an English teaching position. English, the language of international business and culture, is a valuable commodity amongst Romans of all ages. The locals of this magnificent encapsulate its passionate spirit and uniquely flavorful soul. From its abundant markets to its outdoor cafes, this “Eternal City” is a feast for all the senses- take it all in while working as an English teacher in Italy.

Everyday Tips for English Teachers in Rome:

1.    Be prepared to fight for your place in line for gelato: No one can resist the allure of sweet and creamy homemade gelato, and Rome’s is not to be missed. With flavors ranging from the fruity pesca (peach), pera (pear) or fragola (strawberry) to the sweet stracciatella (chocolate chip) and zenzero e cannella (ginger and cinnamon) locals shamelessly crowd their neighborhood 'gelaterie' to get their daily sugar fix. Assert your right for indulging in this delectable dessert, and fight through the mob by repeating scusate (excuse me). You will be asked "Panna?" when your order is being completed - this is the offer of whipped cream on top.


2.    Buy wine, not water or soda:  Cheaper than bottled water or a can of cola, it’s often the most economical choice when you’re buying from street vendors. Besides, having a glass of wine or two with lunch is perfectly acceptable in Italy, a country that is home to some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world.

3.    There’s a 'prego' for every occasion: This snippet of the Italian vernacular fits a number of contexts at all times of day, meaning everything from ‘how can I help you?’ to ‘you’re welcome.’ A favorite of everyone from pastry store owners to cleaning ladies, it can even be heard as an utterance meaning ‘I pray’- in which case you might catch it walking into a cluttered room or slow-moving pack of tourists.

4.    Camp out at Campo de' Fiori: Located in the heart of the city, there is no better market in Rome than the jumble of shops set up outdoors in the Campo de’ Fiori. Pre-dinner drinks (aperitivi) accompanied with small hors d'oeuvres (antipasti) are enjoyed in the open air by Rome’s student set, surrounded by mouth-watering displays of fresh fruit and vegetables.

5.    Care for your coffee: In Italy, a latte is simply a glass of milk. If you’d like coffee in your glass as well, order a caffe latte. A latte macchiato (meaning "marked") is steamed milk with a small shot of espresso. Espresso doppio means a double shot of espresso. Be warned, however, that no one in Rome drinks coffee past 11 am (by then they are onto their first glass of Chianti.)

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