Meet Our 2017 TEFL
Ambassador Team

Tina Ankok International TEFL Academy Alumni Ambassador

Tina Angok

Berlin, Germany Alumni Ambassador

An extremely international Midwestern girl, born in Cario, Egypt and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her family is originally from South Sudan, but she has lived in California, Iowa, and Minnesota! Tina chose to teach English abroad because of her passion fo travel, enjoyment in helping people, and her interest in different cultures. During the summer of 2014, she studied abroad in Berlin and absolutely fell in love. After that trip, she knew Berlin was the place for her because of the vast history, plethora of activities, and high level of diversity. - Check Out Tina's Blog Here!

meet Christina Bates - International TEFL Academy Alumni Ambassador

Christina Bates

Madrid, Spain - Alumni Ambassador

Just a small town girl living in a lonely world, Christina Bates decided to leave that small town of Las Vegas, NV in search of a city boy born and raised in South Detroit. She hasn't found him yet, but she has found fun and fulfillment in her job as a TEFL teacher here in Madrid. This is Christina's first time living abroad. "I’m most excited to share my first hand experience and provide assistance to anyone who is currently thinking about teaching English in Madrid. I’m equally excited to meet some alums who are currently teaching English in Madrid!" - Check Out Christina's Blog Here!

International TEFL Academy Ambassadors

Lisa Koprowsky

Bogotá, Colombia - Alumni Ambassador

An avid traveller from northern Canada, Lisa has spent time living abroad in New Zealand, South Africa, and Kenya. She is currently living and teaching English in Bogotá, Colombia. Lisa did volunteer projects in Kenya and South Africa that gave her a taste of teaching, and she really enjoyed those experiences. After university Lisa was looking to learn a new language, live somewhere completely different, and have a job that was dynamic and exciting- so teaching English seemed like the perfect fit. "I’ve fallen in love with Colombia, and I can’t wait to help others experience it in the same why I have. Colombia hasn’t always had the best reputation, so I am really hoping to change people’s perceptions of it." - Check Out Lisa's Blog Here!

Meet Alumni Ambassador Melissa Landry

Melissa Landry

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Alumni Ambassador

Melissa is a southern girl from New Orleans, Louisiana that loves traveling, photography, music, working with children, and anything that involves socializing, food, and wine! After backpacking Europe at 18 Melissa became fascinated with different cultures and has since traveled to over 15 countries, studied abroad in China, lived in New Zealand for two years, and has taught English in Cambodia and Thailand. Melissa decided to combine her two biggest passions, traveling, and working with kids, and now everyday she does just that. "Teaching English abroad was the best decision I have ever made!

Meet Abby International TEFL Academy Alumni Ambassador

Abby Moore

Hanoi, Vietnam Alumni Ambassador

Abby has never been one to sit still - If she isn’t traveling you can find her working several odd jobs to feed her traveling funds. Abby really wanted to move somewhere she didn’t know much about, so decided she was going to land in Ho Chi Minh City and work her way north and stay where ever was the best fit. She hit it off with Hanoi right away and decided it was a good city to start her new teaching adventure. "I am excited to help out! I remember coming to Hanoi alone, and not knowing anyone. Having someone in the city or country already would have been so helpful."

Meet Anne Munoz, Alumni Ambassador

Anne Munoz

Heredia, Costa Rica - Alumni Ambassador

An island girl from Micronesia who’s been traveling since she could walk. Anne's had a multifaceted life having lived in five different countries (so far) and trying her hand at a number of different jobs. Her free spirit has her roaming the planet, traveling solo, immersing herself in different cultures, and giving back by teaching the universal language of English. She had never been to Central America and didn’t speak any Spanish. Almost immediately after getting certified, Anna got two jobs in Heredia and San Jose. "I’m so excited to be a part of a pioneering program to help fellow alums explore, navigate, and enjoy Costa Rica! I’m most excited about sharing some of my own knowledge and experience about living here—everything including the good, the bad, the ugly" - Check Out Anne's Blog Here!

Delia Nicole - International TEFL Academy Ambassador

Delia Nicole

Seoul, South Korea- Alumni Ambassador

Just a woman who loves to live life and travel. From NY, USA to Seoul, South Korea; teaching English and experiencing various cultures. South Korea had the appeal of a country with rich tradition and history and also a growing modern culture. "I’m excited to meet new people in Seoul. Both those that have been here for some time and those just arriving. I’m also looking forward to being a good resource and support to those coming for the first time."

International TEFL Academy Student Affairs - Mike Opaliski

Mike Opaliski

Phuket, Thailand - Alumni Ambassador

Mike is from the home of cheesesteaks and Tastycake and after earning a Master of Education from Penn State, he spread his wings and landed on America’s west coast where he had a successful career in corporate education. With the belief that the world is too big to live your entire life on only one continent, he set out on a life-changing journey three years ago and is now teaching multiple subjects at an international program on the amazing island of Phuket, Thailand. - Check Out Mike's Blog Here!

Meet International TEFL Academy Ambassador Kaci Tokumoto

Kaci Tokumoto

Barcelona, Spain - Alumni Ambassador

A lover of travel, especially to Europe, Kaci has always wanted to live abroad. Finally she was able to fulfill her dream and moved to Barcelona, Spain and became a teacher of English, finance, math, and marketing. "My spirit animal is probably a panda bear. Not for the obvious Asian reason but because they seem super laid back and like to enjoy life. But, she just did a spirit animal test and got a lion.... The lion spirit animal represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties which is also very true." - Check Out Kaci's Blog Here!

Meet Allen - International TEFL Academy Alumni Ambassador

Allen Tunstall

Barcelona, Spain Alumni Ambassador

About as Midwest as they get, Omaha, Nebraska, Allen always dreamed of: visiting new countries, learning new languages, experiencing cultures and living a simple life while doing so. After graduating University in 2014, Allen sold all he had and bought a one-way ticket to live those dreams and share his experiences along the way. He decided to teach abroad to break free of life's traditional routines. "After my Erasmus in Europe, I had one of the best experiences of my life. I decided I wanted to live in Europe and travel to experience new cultures, learn languages, and eat food from every corner of the world. Teaching English abroad was the solution." Follow Allen's adventures here!

Meet Alumni Ambassador Sandra Wagner

Sandra Wagner

Taipei, Taiwan - Alumni Ambassador

Sandra is a wanna be former child star who recently quit her job of sixteen years and sold all of her worldly possessions (ok maybe not all of them) to travel the world (aka) take amazing photos to post on Instagram. Sandra's advice for her past-self? "I would have studied abroad in college, and then left to teach abroad as soon as I finished. I could have been to so many countries by now if I had not lived in fear of the unknown. I would tell myself to jump off cliff into the unknown and truly live!" - Check Out Sandra's Blog Here!

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