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How to Enroll in Your Online TEFL Course

Check this easy step-by-step guide for how to enroll in your accredited 11-week Online TEFL Course with International TEFL Academy.

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Is a 120 Hour TEFL Course Enough to Get a Good TEFL Job?

Learn about TEFL 120 hour course certifications including cost, accreditation, and how to determine which TEFL course is best for teaching abroad.

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Your Digital ITA TEFL Certificate: The What, Why, & How?

Learn about what your digital TEFL certificate means, how to use it, and why a digital version gives you the greatest flexibility when applying for jobs.

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10 Reasons Why International TEFL Academy Offers the Best TEFL Certification in 2024

Learn why International TEFL Academy offers the best TEFL certification courses and best job placement assistance for teaching English abroad and online.

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What is TEFL and What is TEFL Certification?

What is TEFL? What is TESOL? What is TEFL Certification? Learn about TEFL Certification and training requirements to teach English abroad.

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TEFL Accreditation & TEFL Levels Explained

What is a TEFL accreditation and why is it important to hold an accredited TEFL certification? What are the different TEFL levels and what do they mean? Get your answers here!

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