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What Type of Visa Can I Use to Teach English in Peru?

Want to teach English in Peru? Learn about the important matter of visas for teaching English in Peru for Americans and others.

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17 Insider Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in Latin America

Get insider tips of how to get a job teaching English in Latin America. From resume writing, to hiring periods, and interviewing tips, these are the things you need to know to teach English in Central and South America.

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Top 12 Reasons to Teach English in Latin America

From festivals, food and futbol, to beautiful weather and fantastic culture, learn why teaching English in Latin America can be the experience of a lifetime.

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Teaching English in Arequipa, Peru - Alumni Q&A with Alina Randall

International TEFL Academy alumn Alina Randall talks about her experience teaching English in Arequipa, Peru.

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A Special Kind of Crazy Teaching English in Latin America

International TEFL Academy alumn Rebecca Sirull talks about her experiences teaching English in Peru and then making the transition to teach English in Colombia.

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Teaching English in Arequipa, Peru: Alumni Q&A with Eric Svensson

Get the inside scoop on teaching English in Peru from ITA graduate Eric Svensson who took his 4-week TEFL class in the historic city of Arequipa.

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Arequipa, Peru English Teaching Q and A with Savannah Benefield

Teaching English in Peru. International TEFL Academy Alumn, Savannah Benefeld, explains her experience getting TEFL certified & teaching English in Arequipa.

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Arequipa, Peru English Teaching Q and A with Caryn Shebowich

Teaching English in Peru International TEFL Academy grad, Caryn Shebowich, explains her experience teaching English in the Peruvian town of Arequipa.

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Lima, Peru English Teaching Q and A with Matt Harley

Want to know what it's like to teach English in one of Latin America's most cosmopolitan cities? Matt Harley, explains his experience teaching English in Lima, Peru.

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