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Discover The Tropical Treasures Of Indonesia While Teaching English

From sparkling beaches and bustling cities to ancient temples and lush rain forests, discover Indonesia while teaching English abroad. Top 4 Destinations you should enjoy while teaching English in Indonesia   Exotic paradise, jungle, ocean, beache

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Teach English in Jakarta, the Urban Soul of Indonesia

Work and teach English in Indonesia in the exciting city of Jakarta. Make money traveling and exploring this beautiful Asian country!

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Teaching English in Bandung, Indonesia: Alumni Q&A with Courtney Dart

Courtney Dart shared her 7-month experience teaching English in Indonesia before having to return home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Bali Bound During The COVID-19 Pandemic

ITA alumna Kaija explains how the Coronavirus pandemic caused her to push her plans forward and leave Vietnam to head to Indonesia sooner than planned.

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Teaching English Abroad - Is It Really Worth It?

International TEFL Academy graduate, Katilin Emmons, who is teaching English in Indonesia reflects on lessons learned from living as an expat in five different countries.

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Jakarta, Indonesia English Teaching Q and A with Jessica Long

Jakarta, Indonesia English Teaching Q&A with Jessica Long an American from Oregon on her first big trip abroad as an English teacher in South East Asia.

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My Experience Teaching English Abroad in Indonesia and Russia

ITA Alum Annie Chen discusses the everyday learning experiences while teaching English abroad and all the crazy interpretations to common American phrases.

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Fighting the Beast - Teaching English in Indonesia

"Fighting the Beast - Teaching English in Indonesia" By Jessica Fox. One ITA Alumnus talks about the ins and outs of teaching English in Indonesia's capital.

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