10 Dishes & Drinks to Try While Teaching English in Central Europe

By Erin Rydberg & Stéphane Le Mentec

Teaching English abroad has many perks. Embracing a new culture, speaking a new language, building friendships around the world… and FOOD. Let’s be honest, you are not going all this way to continue eating microwave mac & cheese. The world has great treats to offer and Central Europe is the perfect place to begin your culinary journey!

The Top 5 Undiscovered Job Markets for Teaching English Abroad in 2017

By: Lauren Davis

Do you have any friends that are traveling the world and teaching English abroad? Or perhaps you have a few acquaintances or friends of friends that you've seen posting cool pictures all over Facebook from their time gallivanting around the world and teaching English. Maybe you've never met anyone who has left the country.

Either way, the demand for English teachers abroad is growing fast and even if you don't possess teaching experience, a degree in education, or even a diploma from a 4-year college, you can teach English abroad in any of dozens of countries with the training and qualification of a TEFL certification. Yes, there are literally hundreds of thousands of native English speakers teaching English abroad right now in major markets like China, Japan and Spain, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow their steps exactly. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, follow the advice of Robert Frost and  "take the road less traveled." To help point you in the right direction, here are five of the world's best untapped markets for teaching English abroad in 2015. 

Teach English in Krakow, the Gem of Poland

Teach English in Krakow, the Gem of Poland

To the Polish people it’s known as “The Gem of Poland”, but to others worldwide, it’s just another Eastern European city with an unpronounecable name. Little do they know that Krakow is a veritable treasure chest of art and architecture, boasting delicious and inexpensive beer, wine and food besides. While many of Poland’s most beautiful cities saw nothing but ruin and destruction during World War II and the era of Communism, Krakow escaped largely unscathed. Wawel Castle and the city's many churches look today as they did when they were constructed hundreds of years ago. Find your future dream job working as an English teacher in Krakow, Poland, as you explore this nation’s rich and fascinating past.