Advice to Parents From a Parent Who Travels

By: Lindsay Campher Krasinski

Author & ITA Advisor Lindsay Krasinski swims with her daughter Alice in the Caribbean.

After all these years I get it.  I finally understand what it was like for my parents as I traveled the world for the past 20 years.  I understand the worry and fear and the absolute feeling of helplessness.  I understand why my dad cried dropping me off at the airport when I was 15 to study abroad in Russia and I understand why he still cried when he dropped me off at the airport when I was 33 and moved to South Africa alone.

8 Tips for Getting Your Parents' Support for Teaching English Abroad

How to Engage Your Parents in Your Decision to Teach English Abroad

For many seeking the adventure of living and traveling abroad as a paid English teacher, receiving the moral and/or financial support of their family and loved ones can often prove one of the more difficult challenges. Parents and friends will naturally worry about your safety, your financial security and most of all, how are they going to survive a year when most contact between you will be through Skype rather than at the dining table?  Here are some great tips for winning the support of your parents for teaching English abroad.