11 Insider Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in The Czech Republic

By Britton Schaude

1. TEFL certification is key. The first thing you will need is a professional TEFL certification to be considered for an English teaching job in the Czech Republic.  You don't need to have prior teaching experience or a degree in education to teach in the Czech Republic, but a TEFL certification will provide you with the skills and qualification you need to get hired. International TEFL Academy offers a TEFL class in Prague, Czech Republic in addition to Online TEFL Classes & TEFL Classes in 25 locations worldwide.

2. Speak with an expert advisor at International TEFL Academy. Before you even decide if TEFL certification and teaching English in the Czech Republic is right for you, speak with an advisor to get all of your initial questions and concerns answered. They will be able to go over all of your options in regards to TEFL certification and teaching English in the Czech Republic. You can get in touch with an advisor by filling out a form to request a free brochure or by calling our offices at 773-634-9900.

[Video] Teaching English in Europe - TEFL Facebook Live with ITA Advisors

Salaries, job markets, TEFL certification & classes... International TEFL Academy Advisors talk about their English teaching experience in Europe. Watch them share tips and advice about teaching English in Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic and France!

What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Italy?

By Paige Lee

Dreaming of chowing down on large bowls of delicious, home made pasta and washing it down with a superb glass of red? Or perhaps a traditional, wood-fired pizza with the fluffiest buffalo mozzeralla you've ever sunk your teeth into is calling your name? Maybe you love great opera or Renaissance architecture. Whatever your reason for wanting to teach English in Italy may be, we've got the basic requirements covered for you.

6 Essential Tips and Articles to Read When You Want to Teach English in Spain

By Paige Lee

Interested in teaching English in Spain? 

1. How you teach English depends on the city you live in and private tutoring is a common style of English teaching employment in Spain: How do I make money as a private English tutor abroad?

Spain is one of the most in-demand markets in the whole English teaching industry, but it is a complex country with a variety of teaching opportunity. Madrid is the capital and largest teaching market in Spain, but Barcelona is a highly popular city for English teachers to set their sights on. Across this stunning region, work will vary greatly from a traditional classroom setting to private English teaching one-on-one.

BONUS: In one of ITA’s most read articles about Spain, Lauren O’Rourke, lays out the steps to find work as a private tutor: How to Become a Private English Teacher in Barcelona, Spain.

Worldly Watering Holes: English Teachers & ITA Staff Pick Their Favorite Bars Around the Globe


By Helen Schenck

Here at International TEFL Academy we like to believe we are experts in a couple of things: advising students on teaching abroad, training them to go teach, and assisting them in actually finding work abroad! But, beyond that, there is one thing that each member of our staff is definitely an expert on: finding a good drink! As a staff who has traveled to over 80 countries around the world, we can easily say that we have been to some of the best, worst, smallest, biggest, most popular, and most hidden bars in the world! Below are some tips from the expert drinkers at ITA on bars all around the world that you need to check out!

9 Expert Tips for Teaching English in Europe

By Britton Schaude

Whether it's the medieval romance of Prague or the bustling beach towns of Spain, there are thousands of language schools throughout Europe eager to hire native-English speakers as teachers of English as a foreign language. The best part is, you don't need to have any college-level teaching credentials or previous teaching experience! As long as English is your mother tongue and you are certified to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL), there are jobs waiting for you, so what are you waiting for?

Here are some key things to know if you want to be successful teaching English in Europe:

Top Tips for How to Live with People from Different Cultures while Flatsharing Abroad

By Athena Harris [Guest Author from www.housinganywhere.com]

One of the biggest challenges when you are moving to study or teach English abroad is finding a place to live that will enable you to make the most of your international experience. There is so much to take into consideration like budget, amenities & proximity to work or school. Naturally you want to be close cultural attractions, or perhaps the best cafes and nightlife. It’s just a lot of big decisions and responsibilities which you have to base on aspects of your life which you had never even asked yourself about until right there and then. My advice: take it as a period of discovery, during which you are not only going to be finding out about who you are but also become much more insightful as to how people surrounding you are.

While abroad, doing a Flatshare (sharing an apartment) with people from other cultures is a great way of getting the most out of this discovery phase and these days, chances are that you will be living with with people from all over the world, all with their own habits and ways. This is a situation, which will take some time to adjust to, here are some tips to making the process go smoother.


10 Dishes & Drinks to Try While Teaching English in Central Europe

By Erin Rydberg & Stéphane Le Mentec

Teaching English abroad has many perks. Embracing a new culture, speaking a new language, building friendships around the world… and FOOD. Let’s be honest, you are not going all this way to continue eating microwave mac & cheese. The world has great treats to offer and Central Europe is the perfect place to begin your culinary journey!

Famous TV Characters & Where They Would Teach Abroad

By Tyler Parsons

Recently we took a look and shared 15 celebrities who took the leap to teach English abroad before they were famous (we’re not saying teaching English abroad will make you famous— unless you can act like Ed Norton or make a living pranking Dwight) and it got us thinking a bit.

What if fictional TV characters had the choice to teach English abroad? Would they jump on the opportunity, and if so, where in the world would they teach? And since there is no wrong answer here, we figured we would take an educated guess or seven.