Moving Past Day #365: What to Do After Your Year Teaching Abroad

By: Olivia Flores

I think a lot of U.S. Americans see teaching abroad as a young-adult, one-year phase. You go, take pictures, relax, and reluctantly post about coming back to the “real world.” And although teaching abroad may very well include a lot of those things (especially way too many pictures), it shouldn’t be something we discredit as frivolous or irrelevant. Teaching abroad is an investment in yourself and your community--a valuable experience not to be taken lightly. However, with most of my friends graduating from medical school and getting accepted to PhD programs, it was difficult even for me to feel like I was moving forward, taking real steps towards a worthwhile future, while abroad and away from my community in Chicago. Without the security of a new degree title and even a steady American income, I admit I was worried to continue living abroad. But I had more compelling reasons to stay.

Pros & Cons of Teaching English in Bogota, Colombia

Recently we asked some of our International TEFL Academy Alumni Ambassadors to provide a candid ground-view perspective on what they love about teaching English abroad, in addition to a frank take on what isn't so always great in particular cities where they live and work.  Here,  Lisa Koprowsky shares her thoughts of why she enjoys teaching English in Bogota, Colombia along with some of the challenges.

Discover the Secret Allure of Colombia while Teaching English

Teach English & Discover Colombia

  • Have you dreamt of living in a tropical land of pristine beaches and lush rainforests where there is an “eternal spring” that lasts all year long?
  • Can you see yourself living in a city that combines charming colonial architecture, world class cafes, and the hottest salsa dance clubs in the world?
  • Do you love coffee or want to learn Spanish?