Czech it Out! Top 6 Reasons to Teach English in the Czech Republic

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Which historic nation in the heart of Europe has one of the largest job markets for English teachers on the continent?  Where can you walk to work down a cobblestone street and eat lunch on the steps of a 16th-century castle?  Which European country offers a lower cost of living than most Western European nations and opportunities for Americans to obtain work permits to teach English?

It’s the Czech Republic and here are six great reasons to teach English in this beautiful nation in the center of Europe.]

1. Great Job Market with Lots of English Teaching Jobs

Though small in size, the Czech Republic is an economically dynamic nation in the heart of Europe with high demand for English language instruction.  Since the fall of the communist regime, the Czech Republic has emerged as a major center of trade and investment, as well as tourism and culture, making the use of English more important than ever.  In major cities like Prague and Brno, hundreds of language schools, as well as state schools, summer camps and corporate training firms hire thousands of English teachers annually, making the country one of the top destinations in Europe for teaching English abroad. 

2. Central Location in the Heart of Europe - The Czech Republic is situated in the middle of Europe - if it was in the US, it would be like Chicago in the Midwest. 

This central location between Germany, Austria, and Poland makes travel to most of Europe accessible within an overnight train ride or 1-3 hour flight.  Even countries like Italy, France & Holland are not out of reach - even for the budget travelers. 

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3. Magnificent History, Culture and Architecture

Boasting centuries of history, the Czech Republic offers a vast array of exquisite cultural and architectural treasures. At the center of it all is the capital of Prague, which is laden with fantastic palaces, cathedrals, and other grand buildings like museums and opera houses.  Unlike virtually every other major city in Europe, Prague did not suffer major damage during World War II, leaving its entire medieval architectural legacy intact. Formed in 1993, the nation is comprised of three historical lands: Bohemia to the West, Moravia in the South-East, and Czech Silesia in the North-East. Castles of fairytale beauty and quaint spa towns dot the Czech countryside, while in Prague a decidedly modern art and music scene flourishes alongside magnificent medieval castles and palaces.   


4. World Famous Beer and Hearty Czech Cuisine

Serious beer drinkers celebrate the Czech Republic as home to some of the finest beer in the world. Pilsner-style beer was created in the Czech Republic and more than a hundred brands may be sampled in pubs and taverns across the country. Traditional Czech food is full-flavored and hearty - most menus feature an array of meat dishes, sausages and wild game. Given the prominent place of beer in Czech culture, the pub food here (cheese and potato pancakes, most commonly) is also some of the best in the world. With prices that are dramatically less than its neighbors to the West, you will be sure to get your fill.  

5. Work Permits for Non-EU citizens

One of the frustrations facing Americans and other non-EU (European Union) citizens wishing to teach English in Europe generally is that it is often difficult to get a work visa or work permit.  In the Czech Republic, however, it is possible and common for non-EU citizens to get work permits. International TEFL Academy students and graduates receive information and guidance regarding work permits as part of their lifetime Job Search Guidance

6. Low Cost of Living (by Western European Standards)

Basic items like rent, public transportation, and food are on average between 30% - 50% less expensive in Prague than in other major Western European cities like Berlin, Rome, and Madrid.  Basic expenses will be even less in smaller towns and cities.  This means that start-up costs for English teachers in the Czech Republic, such as the first month’s rent, will typically total $1,500 - $2,500 less than in major Western European nations like Germany, France, Spain and Italy.


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