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Adjusting to Turkish Life: An American Woman in Ankara

Is turkey safe for women? How are women treated in Turkey? ITA grad Pouneh shares her experience on life as an American female teaching English in Ankara.

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Teaching English in Turkey: A Guide for Women

International TEFL Academy graduate, Pouneh Eftekhari, provides a women's guide for living & teaching English in Turkey.

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Is Teaching English Abroad Right for You?

International TEFL Academy graduate & world traveler Pouneh Eftekhari provides some important questions to consider before going to teach English abroad.

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Teaching English in Turkey: A Journey Towards Career Freedom

International TEFL Academy graduate Pouneh Eftekhari explains how teaching English in Turkey opened her eyes to new career opportunities.

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Teaching English in Ankara, Turkey: Alumni Q&A with Pouneh Eftekhari

Learn about the wonderfully authentic and exciting experience teaching English in Ankara, Turkey with Pouneh Eftekhari an American from Wisconsin.

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