Teach Abroad Film Festival: Keith Gissubel - Title Track

ITA alumnus Keith teaches English in Portugal and is 1 of 12 finalists for the International TEFL Academy 2019 Teach Abroad Film Festival.

Get to know Keith more: After an 11-year career as a high school teacher and administrator in Red Bank, New Jersey, Keith decided it was time for a change. While attending ITA classes, he applied to international PhD programs all over the world and is now pursuing his doctoral degree and teaching English at the University of Minho in the little city of Braga, Portugal. He has been on this Portuguese journey for just over 2 years and is grateful every day for this opportunity. He will complete his degree in about one year and by then will be ready to take on the next adventure some other place in the world.

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Publish Date: March 7, 2019