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What is the Salary for an English Teacher in China?

Learn how much you can earn teaching English in China and understand salary benefits, savings, cost of living and expenses. 

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Boasting the world’s fastest-growing economy and home to 300 million English students, China represents the largest and one of the most lucrative job markets on earth for teaching English abroad. Given the scope of China’s market for English language instruction, how much an English teacher can make in China varies widely based on the types of jobs and employers. Let's dive into the details.

Teaching English in China Salary

English Teacher in China Salary: How Much Can You Make?

Most foreign first-time English teachers in China typically make between 8,400 RMB ($1,250 USD) to 19,100 RMB ($2,850 USD) per month. Many English teachers in China also receive free housing or a stipend (typically 3,000 RMB per month) to cover housing costs and some also receive free or reimbursed airfare. 

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Teaching in China Salary: How Much Can You Save?

Most foreign English teachers in China are able to make enough to save the equivalent of $600 - $1,750 USD per month after expenses, and some teachers are able to save more than $1,500 USD per month after expenses or up to $20,000 USD a year.

Benefits & Expenses When Teaching English in China

Here's a brief financial summary for living and teaching English in China:

Salary & Expenses English Teacher Salary in China Details
Salary 8,400 RMB ($1,250 USD) to 19,100 RMB ($2,850 USD) per month
Savings Opportunity $600 - $1,750 USD per month
Average Cost of Living $650 - 1,100 USD (4,350 - 7,350 RMB) + housing if applicable
Housing free housing or housing subsidy (3,000 RMB per month)
Additional Benefits health insurance, reimbursed airfare, and paid vacation


Why Can You Save so Much Money Teaching English in China?

The salary you can earn in China may not be high in absolute terms compared to what you may consider a high salary in your home country. However, the cost of living in China is lower and housing costs are provided for.

Lower Cost of Living

A lower cost of living in China (which is roughly 50% of the cost of the U.S.) means that your salary goes further and it is easier to save. Note that salaries are often lower in regions where the cost of living is also lower, so you can still save a substantial portion of your income.

Housing Costs are Often Covered

Most Americans pay 25%-35% of their monthly income in rent and other housing-related costs, so if your housing costs are covered, as they are for English teachers in China, you will be able to keep more of your income each month.

Employer Covered Health Insurance and Paid Vacation

Many English teachers in China also receive health insurance and paid vacation.

Tips for Saving Money Teaching English in China

Get your TEFL Certification

Receiving training and holding a recognized TEFL certification will qualify you for more many more jobs, especially better-paying jobs.  

China was once known as a country where virtually any English speaker could get a job regardless of whether they had any teaching experience or training, but that’s simply no longer the case. In recent years, both schools and the Chinese government have substantially raised standards and tightened hiring requirements and now most schools will not hire you off the street simply because you speak English.

In many provinces, it is now the law to have a TEFL class of more than 120 hours and the trend is for this to become the law everywhere.

Many schools in China already require a 120-hour TEFL certification, and many schools automatically pay higher salaries to those who do hold a recognized TEFL certification.

Research and Explore Your Options

Every year, tens of thousands of English teaching jobs need to be filled across China in thousands of schools, language institutes, preschools and universities. You will avail yourself to more options and more opportunities to land a great position with an excellent salary and benefits if you make an effort to explore your options. This means looking at lots of job boards, talking to a variety of recruiters and applying and interviewing for a variety of different teaching jobs.

Also, conduct as much research as you can on different schools (including their reputations – speak to current teachers if possible). You should also research individual regions where you are considering teaching, including the local cost of living, which can vary widely between different cities and regions across China.

Choose the Right Job - Be Patient and Selective in Your Search

There is a shortage of qualified native-speaking English teachers in China and especially for those of you who are native English speakers with a college degree and a TEFL certification, the first job offer will not be the only job offer that comes your way. Unlike elsewhere in a challenging economy where job seekers will take any offer that comes their way, those qualified to teach English in China will have their choice of positions and it can really pay off to be patient and to explore your options.

Take on Private Students

The Chinese highly value education and there are hundreds of millions of China’s nouveau riche and middle class who are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year providing their children with private English lessons from native English-speaking tutors – particularly those with TEFL certification. Many foreign English teachers in China can make double per hour giving private lessons compared to their hourly wage at the school where they teach and many English teachers in China can make the equivalent of an extra $10,000 or more a year giving private lessons.

Salaries for Teaching English in China

Learn to Live and Shop Like a Local

From 30-cent rides in state-of-the-art subways to groceries, travel and nearly every other basic good or service, the cost of living in China is a fraction compared to the U.S. This is one major reason why it is possible for foreigners in China to make and save money.

That said, as an expatriate living in a foreign country, it's easy to fall into the trap of hanging out, eating/drinking and shopping at "foreigner-friendly" establishments and that usually means paying over-inflated "foreigner" or "tourist" prices.

You will save a ton more money if you learn how to take public transportation, shop at local Chinese markets, and also if you avoid pricey restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

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