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What Type of Visa Can I Use to Teach English in Taiwan?

You've been looking to teach English in Taiwan? Learn how to get a work visa for Taiwan as an English teacher. Process, application, requirements, we cover it all.

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Teaching English in Taiwan is a popular opportunity for individuals who want to experience living and working abroad while sharing their language skills. However, before you can start teaching in Taiwan, you need to obtain a visa. The process of obtaining a visa can be daunting, but with proper preparation and knowledge of the requirements, it can be a straightforward process.

The type of visa you'll need in Taiwan (and how you get that visa) will depend on your nationality, teaching job and perhaps other factors like whether you get your job in advance of your arrival, or if you get hired locally in Taiwan. Be sure to speak to an International TEFL Academy Advisor by calling 773-634-9900 to discuss your specific questions and concerns about teaching English in Taiwan, including the critical matter of visas.

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Ready? Let's discuss the steps involved in obtaining a visa for teaching English in Taiwan:

Can I Get a Work Visa to Teach English in Taiwan?

Yes, you can get a work visa to teach English in Taiwan. To obtain a work visa, you must first secure a job as an English teacher, and then obtain a work permit from the Taiwan Bureau of Consular Affairs. Once you have a work permit, you can apply for a work visa at your nearest Taiwan embassy or consulate.

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What Visa Can I Obtain for Teaching English in Taiwan?

The most common visa you can get for teaching English in Taiwan as an American is the Working Resident Visa. It cost $160 USD and is valid for the length of the teaching contract (typically one year).

For more information: Taiwan Consulate Website in the United States

*Note that this is specific to US citizens applying for a visa, and that these visa laws can change, and that it is up to the teacher to look into the most current Visa requirements that a specific to them.

Visa Process for Teaching English in Taiwan

How to Get a Work Visa for Teaching English in Taiwan

To obtain your Taiwan work visa you will need to do the following:

  1. Find a TEFL job in Taiwan
  2. Get a work permit
  3. Apply for a visa
  4. Travel to Taiwan

Let's discuss how you can receive your visa in detail:

1. Find a TEFL Job in Taiwan

You must secure a job as an English teacher in Taiwan before you can apply for a visa. International TEFL Academy helps all its students and graduates find TEFL jobs in Taiwan and across 80 countries around the world.

2. Get a Work Permit

Your employer will need to obtain a work permit on your behalf. Therefore once you have your job offer to teach English in Taiwan, gather all the necessary documents:

Documents You Need to Gather

  • Original Bachelor's Degree diploma
  • Federal Background Check
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • 2 Passport photos
  • Copy of flight itineraries

Documents Provided by Your Employer/School

  • Health check upon arrival
  • Original teacher Work Permit issued by the Ministry of Education


3. Apply for a Visa

Your visa will typically be processed in the United States though it is possible to process it in Taiwan. Once your work permit has been approved, you can apply for a visa at your nearest Taiwan embassy or consulate. You will need to provide your passport, work permit, and other supporting documents, such as proof of accommodation and financial resources.

You will need a prepaid return envelope when going to the consulate to apply for your visa. You can go to the consulate in person or mail your documents to them. The length of time for the visa to be processed is 2 business days. 

4. Travel to Taiwan

Once you receive your visa, you are good to travel to Taiwan. Within 15 days of your arrival to Taiwan, you must apply for the Alien Resident Certificate (RAC). Your school will help with this process.

If one decides to process the Resident Visa after arrival in Taiwan, they will need to get the work permit from their employer and then travel to Hong Kong or Japan to process their Resident Visa at which point, they will return to Taiwan to process the Alien Resident Certificate.

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