Top Ten Cities to Teach English Abroad in Latin America

By Glenn Schneider

1. Bogota, Colombia

2. Mexico City, Mexico

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

4. Santiago, Chile

5. Montevideo, Uruguay

6. Guadalajara, Mexico

7. San Jose, Costa Rica

8. Medellin, Colombia

9. Quito, Ecuador

10. Sao Paolo, Brazil


Realizing You’re Gay While Living in a Religious Family in Ecuador: From Existential Crisis to Unexpected Acceptance

By ITA alumna Laurence.

Ecuador is one of those South American countries in which almost all taxi drivers in the capital have a rosary hanging from their rearview mirrors. It also happens to be the South American country where I realized I was very much attracted to people of the same gender. As an eager, non-religious, and naive North American student studying abroad for the first time, living with an extremely Catholic host family was an experience that shifted my preconceived notions of “acceptance” and taught me how to reciprocally embrace differences we are warned to be wary about.

4 Reasons to Teach English Abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador

By Lindsay Campher Krasinski

Cuenca, Ecuador!  Have you ever heard of it?  Probably not!  Do you even know how it’s pronounced? Don’t worry; I didn’t either until I actually arrived.  I arrived with the intent of staying a couple weeks before moving on to Colombia and I ended up staying a year.  Why? Well, let’s start with number one:

Join the International TEFL Academy Ecuador Earthquake Relief Campaign

On Saturday April 16, 2016 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the South American nation of Ecuador, one of the most beautiful countries on earth. Killing more than 600 people and injuring tens of thousands more, the earthquake has severely impacted Ecuador's infrastructure. In addition, many people have been made homeless and many hospitals, schools, homes and monuments have been destroyed or damaged. 

Lessons I've Learned - Teaching English in Ecuador

By: Shannon Etling

“The Little Engine That Could” Was Right.

When you first touch down in a new country, there are many things to adapt to and many lessons to learn. Starting a new life alone, on the ground, in an unknown place, as I did, escalates the challenge. Your life will become full of hurdles from taking the wrong bus to misconstruing some information within your school. Over time you will realize that this is normal and that it happens to everyone; just part of the process.