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What Documents Will I Need to Teach English Abroad?

From passports to college diplomas, learn about documents that you may need to work as an English teacher abroad.

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What Is Teaching English Abroad 'Under the Table' Without a Work Visa?

Do I need a visa to teach English abroad? Can I teach English abroad without a work visa? Learn about teaching English abroad with or without a work visa.

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How Do US Citizens Obtain a Criminal Background Check for Teaching English Abroad?

Some countries require teachers to get a US criminal record check for teaching English abroad. Let's learn how to obtain an FBI criminal background check.

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What is Border Hopping When Teaching English Abroad?

What is border hopping when teaching English abroad on a tourist visa? Learn more about how English teachers in some countries keep their visas up-to-date by crossing into another country on a regular basis.

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What Is a Visa and Do I Need a Visa to Teach English Abroad?

Do I need a visa to teach English abroad? In most cases, yes, but there are many different types of visas and rule vary from country to country.

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