Happy Chinese New Year! Teaching English in Asia During Holidays

恭喜发财 - “Congratulations and Be Prosperous!"  

Greetings to nearly 2 billion people in China, Asia and throughout the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year, the most important holiday of the year for millions from Shanghai to Singapore. Centuries old and based in ancient Chinese myth and tradition, the “Spring Festival” as it is known in China is a two-week celebration centered around family gatherings, special foods and other traditions that vary from region to region. Many of these customs revolve around the ideals of reflecting on oneself and ushering in good fortune for the New Year.  The Lunar New Year in 2019 begins on February 5 and is the Year of the Pig.  From ChinaKorea and Vietnam to Taiwan and Malaysia, this holiday is a cultural focal point in many of the most popular destinations for certified English teachers.  

Taipei to Seoul: 5 Top Asian Cities For Teaching English Abroad

By Jeff Penick

With a higher population than all of the other continents combined, Asia continues to reign supreme in terms of demand for English teachers around the globe. Throughout Asia, schools are hiring thousands of new teachers on a monthly basis and most jobs can be found in the larger cities. Listed below (in no particular order) are five of the top Asian cities that provide a culturally rich and unique lifestyle along with an abundance of English teaching opportunities. 

Discover A Hidden Gem of Asia, Teaching English in Taiwan

Though most known of it primarily as major producer of computer chips, laptops and other high technology, pound for pound, the diminutive island nation of Taiwan is actually one of the most diverse and fascinating travel destinations in Asia, offering a fantastic array of stunning scenery, rich culture and vibrant cities. In fact, Portuguese explorers named the island "Formosa" or "Beautiful Island" and here you can enjoy gorgeous coastal vistas, hike through vast forest and jungles, relax in idyllic waterfalls and hot springs, and discover authentic Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine, culture and language (Mandarin Chinese).