How Do You Say Spanish in Chinese?

By: Jessica Stanton

So Jess, what’s next? That’s the question everyone seems to ask as soon as I’ve gotten completely comfortable with what’s now. I’ve gotten so used to saying “I don’t know” it spills out of my mouth even when I do know sometimes.

Once I decided to change careers from medical assistant turned hairstylist & bartender to teach English abroad, I knew I’d end up teaching English in China. During my online TEFL course at ITA, my cultural sensitivity essay focused on just that. What I didn’t know was that my road to the Far East would begin in South America.

My Colombian Job Search: From Mochilera to Residente

By: Caroline Cassard

I graduated from college in December, the same time that I wrapped up my TEFL certificate with International TEFL Academy’s online TEFL course. I wanted to backpack through the northern part of South America, and land in Peru, Ecuador, or Colombia to stay and teach. A shockingly cheap ticket to Lima made the decision for me: I’d begin there, explore Peru for a month, and gradually make my way north toward Medellin, Colombia, where I would begin my job search. With only a departure date and an end goal, the destinations in the middle were planned on-the-go.

Alumni Video: Teaching English in Medellin, Colombia with Tommy Joiner

A native of Carbondale, CO, Tommy Joiner has relocated to Medellin, Colombia after completing his Online TEFL Class and teaching English in South Korea for 14 months.

In this video, Tommy describes various aspects of life & teaching English in Medellin, Colombia, from the climate to the cost of living. A graduate student at a local university in Medellin, Tommy gives private English lessons. Tommy explains that Colombia represents a largely undiscovered job market for English teaching and that Medellin offers a high standard living with a fantastic climate, great nightlife and many opportunities to learn Spanish and interact with the local population.


Discover the Secret Allure of Colombia while Teaching English

Teach English & Discover Colombia

  • Have you dreamt of living in a tropical land of pristine beaches and lush rainforests where there is an “eternal spring” that lasts all year long?
  • Can you see yourself living in a city that combines charming colonial architecture, world class cafes, and the hottest salsa dance clubs in the world?
  • Do you love coffee or want to learn Spanish?