Why I Decided Not to Come out in Japan


By: Luke

Kanojo imasuka? That's a question you'll be asked many times if you're a guy living abroad in Japan. It means “do you have a girlfriend?” I was expecting it to come up eventually. But I wasn't expecting it to come up nearly as quickly as it did. I was making introductions throughout each classroom at my high school. After presenting my slideshow, I would ask for questions. In every class, someone was waiting to ask “Kanojo imasuka?” But that first time was a particularly difficult fork in the road. I decided to answer with: yes, I do have a girlfriend. I figured it was too early to drop that on a class of high schoolers.

Tips & Resources for LGBTQ Teaching English Abroad

By: Erika Greenia

Being part of the LGBTQ community and planning your adventure teaching English abroad can present some unique challenges.  In some countries, being openly gay is punishable by law while other countries have open and progressive laws concerning same-sex-marriage and civil-unions. In Thailand, you can be out, proud and loud without concern and in neighboring Malaysia, you will run in to a more conservative culture which can lead to a more discrete lifestyle.