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Will I Pay Taxes While Teaching English Abroad? [For Americans]

Will I have to pay taxes while teaching English abroad? Here are some basic guidelines to consider regarding paying taxes while teaching English overseas.

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Teach English in Africa: Teaching Abroad Programs & TEFL Jobs in Africa

Curious about teaching in Africa? Learn more about paid positions and volunteer opportunities for teaching English in Africa.

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ITA Alumni: 4 Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You

Read the stories of International TEFL Academy graduates who have used teaching English abroad to create new business and career opportunities.

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Looking for Teaching English in Asia Without a Degree? You're In Luck!

Want to teach English in Asia without a degree? ITA advisor Doug shares 3 key tips to help you find English teaching jobs in Asia without a degree.

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Exclusive Travel Discounts for ITA Students & Alumni

Learn about exclusive travel discounts for International TEFL Academy students and alumni teaching English abroad.

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