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What is a Hagwon for Teaching English in South Korea?

Are you considering teaching English in South Korea? Here's everything you need to know about teaching in a Hagwon (private school) in Korea.

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Traveling Abroad – The Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Veteran traveler & ITA Advisor, Cassie Wells, share the travel advice that you are not used to hearing.

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What Are Salaries & Benefits for Teaching English in South Korea?

Got questions about how much you can earn teaching English in South Korea? Get a full run-down on salaries & benefits for English teachers in Korea.

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What Are the Requirements for the EPIK Program for Teaching English in South Korea?

Learn about requirements for acceptance to the popular EPIK program that enables Americans to teach English in Korea through the Korean Ministry of Education.

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5 Tips for Budget Travel in Latin America

Looking to travel in Latin America on a tight budget? Here are 5 key tips to keep you on budget while exploring the riches of Latin America.

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Webinar? Webcast? Webba-what?

Learn about live Webcasts on the Internet where you can tune into a live presentation about all aspects of teaching English abroad, including jobs & TEFL Classes.

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