Singles Only, Says Who? 7 Reasons to Teach English Abroad as a Couple

In today’s world, social media has a strong presence. People are constantly bombarded with news, videos, and opinions of other people. So many times I have seen on social media outlets the benefits of solo traveling and the amazing experience you will receive. Although this may be true, I am here to tell you that moving abroad and traveling around the world is not only for single people and that the couples can do it too!

Many believe that moving/traveling abroad will be this soul searching experience and you will be able to get in touch with your inner self and find out your true calling in life. This may be the case, but you can also achieve those same goals with your partner (or friend) by your side. Some may say that traveling alone will give you a sense of achievement and independence, but I really do believe that I was able to accomplish those goals even with my partner by my side.

As for my story, I was 29 years old working in corporate America when my girlfriend came to me with an idea to teach English abroad. I played around with the idea for a little while and then said “why not!”. We called International TEFL Academy and they set us up on the right path. I remember thinking when this idea first came about that I am too old and established to just leave for a year. I have responsibilities to take care of here; I cannot possibly leave. Once I started to do research, I realized that this was not the case. I am living proof that no matter how old you are, if you want to take a break and travel and teach, then you can if you set your mind to it!

Moving away to teach English abroad with my significant other was by far one of the best things I ever did; we had the opportunity to focus on our relationship without the complications of life back home. We finally had time for one another, and we weren’t always running to every family function. Instead we could enjoy holidays together, go on dates each week, and travel the world together.

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7 Benefits of Traveling with Your Partner

1. First, you always have someone to spend time with, even if you just feel like sitting at home on the couch (because even though you are abroad, there will be days where you just want to be lazy, no matter how exciting the place you live is.).

2. You have someone to hold you accountable and offer advice. Its no secret that during your time abroad you will need to make a lot of decisions and having another person there that you can trust can do a long way.

3. You have someone to eat with, and I am not necessarily just talking about the company side of it but more that you are able to split meals. When making or buying dinner, it is much easier & less expensive per person to cook for two people rather than just one and you won't waste as much food. While living in Prague, I have found this to be a huge benefit. It is also nice that you don’t always have to do all the cooking.

4. Being able to split living expenses & start-up costs. You're able to split internet, rent, food, and utilities. You will have to pay them no matter what, so why not have someone else pay them with you.

TEFL abroad with your significant other5. Having two incomes. You are able to save more money each month by sharing the cost of living and having two incomes.

6. You have the potential to meet more people if you come with another person. You will each have your own job with different sets of colleagues, which leads to more social outings and helps break the ice to meet new people rather than if you are all alone.

7. Most importantly, you always have someone to travel and experience new places with. I think solo traveling would be a great experience, but I love that I have the opportunity to recall memories and say “Hey, remember when we were in Budapest and then flew to Athens at four in the morning” (etc.), and we can talk about our experiences together and reminisce. If I were traveling alone, I would have all these amazing experiences but no one to share them with.

Overall, if traveling/moving to a new place is something you want to do, then go for it. You do not need to be young and single to enjoy the benefits of this life; anyone can do it and make it work if they put their mind to it!


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