A 6-Step Plan for Getting Hired to Teach English in China in 2021

A 6-Step Plan for Getting Hired to Teach English in China in 2021

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How do I get a job teaching English in China?

The word is getting out that China is one of the hottest destinations around the world for teaching English abroad. The job market for teaching English in China is the largest in the world. With over 1.3 billion citizens and an estimated 300 million English learners, China shows no signs that it will relinquish its title as top job market for English teachers any time soon. 

Most people don't think of China as their first choice to teach English abroad, but after learning about the country's incredible opportunities, it's no wonder that it is a popular destination for many International TEFL Academy graduates each year. 

How to get a job teaching English in China

Here's why:

  1. Ancient culture, stunning natural beauty and uber-modern, high-tech cities 
  2. The job market for teaching English abroad in China is the largest in the world
  3. English teachers receive free housing and reimbursed airfare
  4. Make enough to save $600 - $1,750 a month or more after expenses
  5. Interview from home & line up a job in advance
  6. Fantastic travel opportunities throughout Asia
  7. Amazing shopping and cuisine
  8. According to an extensive study conducted by the University of Sussex in the U.K. that examined public attitudes towards professional status, trust, pay and the desirability of teaching as a career, China topped the charts leaving many European nations and the U.S. far behind.

Here are the top 6 tips for getting a job teaching English in China in 2020:

1. Call An Advisor & Begin Your Research

Request a free brochure for teaching English abroad or call 773-634-9900 to speak with an ITA expert advisor to discuss your options and questions about teaching English in China and around the world. If you already have been assigned to an advisor, send them an email or give them a call to set up a time to talk. 

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You should also check out our FAQs & Articles, which feature hundreds of articles about TEFL certification and teaching English abroad, and our Alumni Articles & Blogs, where you can check out numerous firsthand accounts of teaching English in China and dozens of other countries around the world.

2. Enroll in a TEFL Class

Earning your TEFL certification is critical as it will provide you with the skills you need to actually function successfully as a teacher and it will provide you with a recognized qualification that thousands of language schools and institutes in China and around the world seek and require when hiring new English teachers. Even if you are a certified or experienced teacher, unless you have a degree in TESOL, you will still want to get TEFL certified.  Also, when you take an International TEFL Academy TEFL class, you will receive the Job Search Guidance you need to get hired in China and other countries around the globe. 

Most ITA students going to teach English in China (and elsewhere) take their TEFL certification online or in Chicago (as the job process to interview and get hired to teach English in China takes 1-3 months).  This is because schools in China prefer to hire you from your home country and you will need to get your visa processed in advance prior to your departure for China.

  • The 170-Hour Online TEFL Class is 11-13 weeks part-time so you can get certified while going to school or working full-time.
  • You receive Job Search Guidance during the course, so you can begin your job search for positions in South Korea & elsewhere while you get certified.    
  • The online TEFL class is the most cost-effective way to earn your TEFL certification.
  • The Chicago TEFL Class is 4 weeks in-person and represents the quickest path to certification.  You can also begin working with ITA advisors on your job search during this class.

Here is a complete list of Course Dates & Tuition for Online TEFL Classes

Here is a complete list of Chicago TEFL Class Dates & Tuition

3. Prepare For Your Job Search

  • With guidance from ITA Student Affairs, prepare your cover letter & resume
  • You will then begin working with International TEFL Academy advisors who will help you with contacting recruiters (International TEFL Academy enjoys relationships with top recruiting organizations for teaching jobs in China), looking at job listings and exploring individual job opportunities in China or elsewhere. 
  • Note that schools recruit and hire English teachers year-round.

4. Interview & Apply for Positions

You will apply and interview for positions in China from home and you will interview by phone & Skype. Typically you can begin this process once you have begun your TEFL class. Most interviews are given over the phone or by Skype. International Academy advisors in the Student Affairs Department will assist you in preparing for your interview and often any recruiter that you are working with will assist you with arranging and preparing for interviews.

Teach English in China TEFL

5. Sign A Contract, Make Travel & Visa Arrangements

Once you receive a job offer that you want to accept, you will need to sign a contract, and then file documents to receive your visa. Your new employer and the recruiter you are working with will typically assist you with arranging the necessary documents.  Your employer will also work with you to make flight arrangements.

6. Hop On a Plane to China and Begin Your New Adventure!



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