Alumni Video: Teaching English in Costa Rica with Kristin Kalpowski

Alumni Video:
Firsthand Stories of Teaching English in Costa Rica

Known for its tropical beauty and the charm of its life-loving citizens, known as Ticas, Costa Rica represents one of the top job markets for teaching English in Central America. Get a glimpse of what it is like to teach English in Costa Rica in this new video profile of International TEFL Academy graduate, Teaching English in Costa RicaKristin Kalpowski, of Spring Lake, Michigan.

Kristin discusses all aspects of her life as an English teacher, from her daily routine as a teacher to her adventures exploring the recreational opportunities offered by Costa Rica, including horseback riding, camping and surfing.  She also discusses why she chose to teach in Costa Rica and how her TEFL class in Chicago provided her with the skills and tools required to teach English on the professional level with confidence.


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