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Teaching English 
In France

French history, culture, and cuisine have made France one of the most desirable destinations for teaching English abroad.

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Teaching English in France 101

Those teaching English in France typically find work in September or October, and then again in January, with most contracts ending in late June.   It is difficult for non-European Union citizens to get a work visa to teach in the private sector so many Americans teach through the government-operated TAPIF program, which recruits Americans, ages 20-30, to work in French elementary and secondary schools as assistant English teachers.

For those looking to teach through the summer, opportunities at summer English language camps and in some volunteer au pair programs are available in France and throughout Europe. Summer positions teaching English in France typically start in late June and early July.  English teachers in France will be expected to interview in person once they arrive, and they will also be responsible for their airfare, as well as housing.  Many English teachers in France live in apartments recently vacated by previous teachers, and many room with their coworkers.

A solid hourly wage affords English teachers in France to live comfortably.  Schools typically offer around 20-25 hours per week of work, leaving you plenty of time to travel, explore and take advantage of your surroundings.  A BA is typically required to teach English in France, and TEFL certification is absolutely necessary.  Major cities for teaching English in France include Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Le Havre, Marseille, and Bordeaux.

*Note about the Job Market for Americans in France: France represents a sizeable job, but it is important to note, however, the vast majority of non-EU citizens, will need to either teach English on a Student Visa, teach through the TAPIF Program, or Canadian citizens have the possibility to apply for a Working Holiday Visa. Work visas are generally not an option for non-European Union citizens & it is not common for schools to hire English teachers "under the table" without a visa as it is countries like Spain & Italy.

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