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Top 5 Countries to Make the Most Money Teaching English Abroad in 2020

Learn where you can make the most money teaching English abroad in 2020 and receive benefits like free airfare and housing, even as a first-time teacher.

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10 Tips for Adjusting to Life in the Middle East

New to the Middle East? International TEFL Academy ambassador Adam Lucente gives newcomers 10 tips on how to adjust.

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10 Things I Love About Teaching English in the Middle East

International TEFL Academy ambassador Adam Lucente gives 10 reasons why you should teach English in the Middle East.

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Tips for Finding Work as an ESL Teacher in the Middle East - Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq + More

Thinking about teaching English in the Middle East, particularly Tunisia, Jordan, and Iraq? Don't miss these essential tips by Adam Lucente!

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What Are Salaries for English Teachers in the Middle East in 2020?

The Middle East offers some of the highest salaries in the TEFL world for teaching English abroad. Learn more about teaching English in Dubai, Egypt & other Middle Eastern countries.

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How a Kentucky Girl Found Herself Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

Want to escape the corporate grind? From Korea to the Middle East, Christina Larson has found love and adventure teaching English overseas.

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