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What is the Masa Teaching Fellows Program for Teaching English in Israel?

Learn about the Masa program that enables Americans to teach English in Israel in public schools & volunteer settings throughout the country.

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10 Tips for Adjusting to Life in the Middle East

New to the Middle East? International TEFL Academy ambassador Adam Lucente gives newcomers 10 tips on how to adjust.

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10 Things I Love About Teaching English in the Middle East

International TEFL Academy ambassador Adam Lucente gives 10 reasons why you should teach English in the Middle East.

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Teaching English in Ashdod, Israel - Alumni Q&A with Jennifer McCall

International TEFL Academy alumn Jennifer McCall talks about her experience teaching in Ashdod, Israel.

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One Indecisive College Grad’s Journey to the Adventure of a Lifetime in Israel

International TEFL Academy alumn Taylor Karnilaw talks about her adventure from the ITA TEFL Online Course to teaching English with a government program in Israel.

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Teaching English in Ashdod, Israel: Alumni Q&A with Taylor Karnilaw

International TEFL Academy graduate Taylor Karnilaw talks about getting TEFL certified online her experience teaching English in Israel in the city of Ashdod, including the local social life, her job and why she chose to teach English in Israel.

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Being Educated While Educating in Israel

International TEFL Academy alumna Taylor Karnilaw talks about rejecting her mom's advice to go to grad school and teaching English in Israel instead, a life-changing experience.

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