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How Much Do English Teachers Make in France?

Learn how much money you can make teaching English in France across various job types and explore start-up and cost of living expenses.

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What Are the Requirements for Teaching English in France?

Find out what qualifications you need to become an English teacher in France. The teaching English in France requirements include TEFL, degree, age & more.

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What is the TAPIF Program for Teaching English in France? [2024-25]

Explore TAPIF (teaching assistant program in France), a program that enables Americans to teach English in France in elementary and secondary schools.

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What Type of Visa Can I Use to Teach English in France?

Want to teach English in France? Learn about the important matter of work visas for teaching English in France for Americans and others.

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I'm an American Who Wants to Teach English in France - What Are My Options?

Are you an American considering teaching English in France? Here are four ways you can do it legally.

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What are the Pros/Cons of Teaching English Abroad Through a Government Assistantship Program?

Thinking about teaching English through a government assistantship program? Here we weigh the pros and cons compared to teaching in the private sector.

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