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How Much Do English Teachers Make in Chile?

Learn how much money you can make teaching English in Chile across various job types and explore start-up and cost of living expenses.

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What Are the Requirements for Teaching English in Chile?

What do you need to be an English teacher in Chile? The requirements for how to teach English in Chile include TEFL certificate, degree, age & more.

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Where Can I Get an English Teaching Job in Advance in Latin America?

Learn about top job markets for teaching English in Latin America and where you can interview for English teaching jobs in advance from home.

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4 Rules to Follow When Finding a Job Teaching English in Chile

Scott delivers some straight-forward, practical advice to help you navigate the interview expectations for teaching English in Chile.

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What is the English Opens Doors Program for Teaching English in Chile?

Interested in teaching English in Chile? Learn about the Chilean government's English Open Doors Program, including requirements, applications, and more.

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17 Insider Tips for Getting a Job Teaching English in Latin America

Get insider tips of how to get a job teaching English in Latin America. From resume writing, to hiring periods, and interviewing tips, these are the things you need to know to teach English in Central and South America.

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