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What is the JET Program for Teaching English in Japan?

Learn about the JET program that enables Americans to teach English in Japan. Get details about salaries, application progress & hiring requirements.

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What are Salaries for English Teachers in Japan?

Did you know that you may be able to save money while teaching English in Japan? Learn more about salaries & benefits for English teaching jobs in Japan.

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What are the Pros/Cons of Teaching English Abroad Through a Government Assistantship Program?

Thinking about teaching English through a government assistantship program? Here we weigh the pros and cons compared to teaching in the private sector.

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Teaching English in Odate, Japan [JET Program]

International TEFL Academy alumn Carey Bibb discusses her acceptance into the Jet Programme and how she improved as an English teacher in Odate, Japan.

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Experiencing the "Inaka" Life Teaching English in Odate, Japan

International TEFL Academy alumn tells us about her experience living in the small town of Odate, Japan.

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Odate, Japan English Teaching Q and A with Carey Bibb

International TEFL Academy Alumn,Carey Bibb, describes her experience teaching English in Odate, Japan.

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