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10 Tips I Learned from a Decade as a TEFL Volunteer

ITA alumnus, Michael Dishnow, reflects on his 10 years as a TEFL volunteer teacher with My Culture Connect in Changhua, Taiwan.

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Teaching English in Taiwan: Alumni Q&A with Megan Norowski

Megan Norowski discusses what it's like for her teaching English in Taiwan in both Changhua and Taipei.

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One English Teacher's 5 Top Tips for Dealing With Culture Shock in Taiwan

Moving abroad can be challenging, so ITA Alumni Sandra Wagner shares some tips for dealing with culture shock that she has learned while teaching in Taiwan.

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Helpful Resources for English Teachers in Changhua, Taiwan

Looking for practical tips on making the most of life as an English teacher in Taiwan? Check out insights from ITA alumna, Sandra, living in Changhua.

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