4 Reasons why the Lonely Planet is an Essential Resource for English Teachers Abroad

In the digitally connected world of the 21st century, travelers enjoy access to exponentially more information and resources than ever before - often right at their fingertips.  From MatadorNetwork & TripAdvisor to Google Maps & countless apps, blogs and travel websites, the sheer amount of information accessible to travelers nearly anywhere in the world is mind-boggling and even overwhelming at times. Instant translators, currency converters, maps, menus, reviews - they're all instantly available on a smartphone that you can take virtually anywhere.

With all of these fantastic new tools at my disposal, I still find myself relying on the same resource that I did while backpacking through Europe, Asia & the Middle East back in the pre-digital age of the 1980s and early 90s - Lonely Planet Guides.  And the Lonely Planet is still the #1 travel resource I recommend to International TEFL Academy graduates heading to teach English abroad, whether it is their first adventure abroad, or if they are a  seasoned traveler.  Here are 4 reasons why:

5 Tips for Budget Travel in Latin America

By: Cassie Wells

Latin America offers some of the world's best in cuisine, nightlife, the outdoors, and also opportunities to become fluent in Spanish or Portuguese.  If you are teaching English in Latin America, traveling and exploring the region's culture and beauty will certainly be highlights of your experience. But, from the heights of Machu Picchu in Peru to the sun-kissed beaches of Costa Rica, it’s a lot of ground to cover and with a travel itinerary spanning multiple pages, you might worry that you’re bank account will cut your trip short. Here are some tips to keep your budget in check and your travel goals attainable.

Exclusive Travel Discounts for International TEFL Academy Students & Alumni

Airfare, Insurance, Accommodations:

Learn about Exclusive Travel Discounts for ITA Students & Graduates 

By Doug Waxman

At International TEFL Academy, we understand that teaching English abroad entails far more than just taking a TEFL course or signing a contract.  That is why we have created a worldwide community and network for our alumni in addition to providing personal service and support as well as lifetime Job Search Guidance through our Student Affairs Department.

Once you register for your TEFL course with International TEFL Academy, you will have access to many benefits and exclusive travel discounts afforded to all ITA alumni. Many of these opportunities and benefits are listed in the Job Search Guidance Manual that all International  TEFL Academy students and graduates receive as part of their lifetime Job Search Guidance

Listed below are many of the exclusive travel deals that all students and graduates of International TEFL Academy can take advantage of when moving overseas:

International TEFL Academy enjoys special arrangements with major student and youth travel companies such as www.statravel.com and www.studentuniverse.com that enable International TEFL Academy students and graduates to take advantage of special discounts on air travel and other travel services.