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International TEFL Academy Vice President, Ian Davis, recently returned from a visit to Prague, Czech Republic, where he and fellow ITA advisor, Cassie Wells (who took many of the great photos in this report!), attended the European Association for International Education Conference, one of the largest gatherings of international educators in the world.  During his visit to Prague, Ian met with language school directors and International TEFL Academy graduates currently teaching English in Czech Republic.

We're glad that Ian was able to take some time to report on his trip and share his observations. 

What were some of your initial impressions of Prague and were you surprised by what you encountered?

One of my initial impressions when I arrived in Prague was how beautiful the city is.  It’s rare to find a city that has such amazing historical sites, while still feeling completely modern.  The juxtaposition of old and new is apparent everywhere you go.  It’s not like you have to travel outside of the city center to find the great historic sites, the city is the great historic site.  With countless riverside cafes, you can easily spend an afternoon taking in the sites while enjoying a pint of one of the many amazing local pilsners (which cost about $1.50 USD a liter!).  

Teach English in Prague, Czech Republic

How would you describe Prague as a city?

Prague is a city that inspires.  Even on a rainy fall day, you can find inspiration in the history and culture all around you.  Prague is also a city of growth.  From the ever present art scene, to the growing culinary scene, Prague will soon be known for it’s future, as much as its past.  With a low cost of living and high quality of life, Prague is considered by many to be the next Berlin. 

What about the job market for English teachers in Prague and the Czech Republic? Are there many language schools and have International TEFL Academy alumni that you met been able to gain employment?

The job market in Prague really is excellent.  I had the chance to meet with 5 of our alumni that are currently teaching in Prague, and all had full time English teaching jobs, and were living very comfortably.  Three of the five had secured employment before arriving in Prague, while the other two landed their jobs within a week of arriving in the city.

You met with a number of International TEFL Academy alumni who are teaching English in Prague – do they seem to be enjoying their experiences and have they adjusted well to life in Prague?

All five alumni that I met were thrilled with their choice to move to the Czech Republic, and have settled in well to their new life in Prague.  There is a ton of great nightlife, fantastic culture and food and beer is very cheap compared to neighboring countries.  You could tell immediately that they are genuinely loving every minute of their time in Prague. 

Get TEFL certified and teach English in the Czech Republic

Based on your discussion with English teachers in Prague, as well as the staff of the Prague TEFL Course, what sort of salaries can TEFL-certified teachers expect to receive and based on the local cost of living, do first-time English teachers make enough to actually support themselves and live comfortably?

Salaries may vary, but the quality of life in consistent for English teachers in the Czech Republic.   Every English teacher lives very comfortably, and with the demand being high for qualified English teachers, you can certainly pick up extra teaching hours if you are looking to fund a weekend trip to neighboring Austria or Germany.

One issue that Americans face when teaching in some European countries is that it can be difficult to get a work permit for teaching English. What’s the situation in Prague and the Czech Republic: can Americans get the necessary paperwork to teach legally? 

Every English teacher that I met in Prague was working legally with a work visa.  This is standard.  There are a few different types of visas, and your employer will assist you in the process.

Read More: Obtaining a Work Permit to legally teach English in Czech Republic.

What about fun – meeting other English speakers, travel opportunities, nightlife, and so forth?

The nightlife in Prague is fantastic, but beer is king.  Not being a huge beer drinker, I was determined to immerse myself in the Czech beer culture, and I admittedly grew to enjoy a liter or two.  Beer is so much a part of everyday life that it’s not surprising to see professionals drinking a glass before lunch.  As a whiskey enthusiast, I found my slice of heaven in a small cocktail bar called Hemingway’s, where I had arguably the best Old Fashioned of my life.  A nod to days past, Hemingway’s is a place to go for incredible drinks, and even better conversation.  With strict rules against the use of phones and laptops, it’s the perfect place to share a laugh and a libation.  

In conclusion, Ian, if somebody wants to teach English in Prague, what steps do they need to take?

If you are at all remotely interested in teaching in the Czech Republic, please don’t hesitate.  It has everything one could ask for:  a great job market, low cost of living, high quality of life, a thriving art and food scene, enough beer to flood the Sahara, easy access to some of the best countries in Europe, and a city whose architecture is like the adult version of Disney World.  Get your TEFL certification and make the move. I highly recommend that you Czech it out


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