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Where will I stay when I take my international TEFL course?

Where will I stay when I take my international TEFL course?
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After you enroll in an International TEFL Academy TEFL/TESOL certification course by making your deposit, you will be put in touch with the onsite course director who will be able to assist you with making housing arrangements during your course.  Tuition does not include your housing; costs will vary by location, but most options for most courses will range between $300 and $1,000 over four weeks. In some cases, students are required to pay for their housing up-front; in others, a deposit may be required.  If you have any questions about housing options and costs for specific courses, please review the web page for that course on our website and contact your TEFL Advisor who will be able to assist you with any questions.

Shared Apartments & Guesthouses

For most courses, students may opt to stay in a shared apartment with other students. In a shared apartment, students will have their own bedroom, but will share common facilities such as a living room, bathroom and a kitchen. Meals aren’t included, but you can prepare your own food in the communal kitchen.


Hostels are budget-friendly hotels where guests may stay in a common sleeping area, or they can arrange to stay in a private own rooms. Hostels where students stay are conveniently located near their course site and have been fully vetted for cleanliness and safety.


Homestays are primarily available for our students taking courses in Central and South America as well as Russia. Staying with a local family is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and to work on your language skills. In most cases, host families provide breakfast and dinner, and will enjoy spending time during meals chatting with students. Most families will have children and are conveniently located near the course site. You will have your own bedroom and use either a shared or private bathroom. You will be given a key to the house or apartment and are free to come and go as you please. However, as a guest living with a host family, you should be sure to respect the rules of the house and
the people you are staying with.

All homestay families are carefully screened and must meet stringent requirements. Most families have experience hosting foreign students, but they will still be eager to learn about life in your home country, so be prepared to share some photos and perhaps some other souvenirs from home.

Making your own arrangements

Students also have the option of making their own arrangements (e.g. staying with friends or family), however we recommend that upon enrollment you speak with your onsite course director prior to making any final arrangements so that you can be sure that any arrangements you make are practical and convenient.

For your reference this link to our Country Chart provides basic information about working and getting hired in approximately 50 countries around the world, including information on ESL hiring seasons, salaries for English teachers, extra benefits, cost of living, the interview process for English teaching jobs and more.

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