Teach English in Buenos Aires & Discover the "Paris of South America"

Known as the "Paris of Latin America" and the "City of Fair Winds" (a literal translation from the city's Spanish name), the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, captures Latin America's passion for life perhaps more than any other city on the continent. From Tango, wine and amazing food, to exquisite Art Deco architecture and fútbol, Buenos Aires offers it all. This colorful city is the second largest metropolitan area in South America and it is located at the western shore of Rio de la Plata just across from Uruguay on the southeastern part of the continent.

Money Tips for Teaching In Argentina: Learn About The "Blue Market"

By Lindsay Campher Krasinski

So, you are thinking about teaching English in Argentina?  Learning about financial practices - from banking to giving tips - is a basic part of moving abroad, and nowhere is that more of the case than in Argentina. Understanding the Blue Market is a must before you go and could help you get more out of your money and out of your experience teaching English in Latin America

What is the Blue Market?

I’m an advisor, not an economist so I will try to make this article as simple and straight forward as I can.

Simply, the Blue Market is where you go in Buenos Aires to get the highest exchange rate for the foreign currency that you bring with you - in many countries, it might be considered the "black market." It's not technically legal or monitored by authorities, but it operates in the open and changing money in the Blue Market is considered routine.

The Argentinian Peso has fluctuated greatly in recent decades, and compared to the U.S. dollar, has lost approximately 90% of its value the past 10 years (officially).  Argentinians have experienced their bank accounts worth go up and down on a financial roller coaster and the weakness of the peso in global markets has led Argentinians to value the American dollar over the Argentinian peso. Bottom line: people want U.S. dollars!

Staff Report: The Job Market for Teaching English in Argentina

International TEFL Academy Senior Advisor Lindsay Campher Krasinski recently popped into Buenos Aires, Argentina for a month to check out the current job market and meet with ITA alumni teaching English in Argentina. We're glad that she's taken some time to share her perspectives on teaching opportunities and life in one of South America's greatest cities. 

Top 5 Highlights to Experience While Teaching English in Argentina

Teaching English in Latin America can be an unforgettable experience. The region offers dynamic and rich cultures, and each country incorporates its own unique combination of history, culture and natural beauty. Argentina is the second largest country on the continent of South America and is well known for its Tango, Malbec wine and world class futbol. As a local teaching English in Argentina, you will enjoy opportunities to see, taste and enjoy everything that this legendary nation has to offer. Here we offer you the top 5 experiences you must partake in if you are in the land of the Evita, Maradona and “Che”!

How to Work, Live, and Tango as TEFL Certified Teacher in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Despite drawing frequent comparison to the great cities of Europe, Buenos Aires, Argentina maintains a distinctly South American flavor. One of the most populous Spanish-speaking countries in the world, visitors here experience an ideal mix of old-world elegance and contemporary cool. Teach English in Buenos Aires and explore this South American hotspot for yourself- not just as a tourist, but a local.