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7 Reasons Why Romania is an Awesome Country for Teaching English Abroad & Online

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As English teachers, we have a special set of criteria when we pick a place to settle for a while.

We want it to be someplace cool, but it has to be affordable since we aren’t exactly rolling in the cash. It should be someplace that has plenty to do but also lets us easily travel to other cool places, since isn’t that the point of traveling anyway? And of course, we need to have good internet for those of us that house sit while teaching English online!

Lucky for us, Romania delivers on all fronts.

1. The cost of living in Romania is much lower than Western European countries 

It’s so affordable in Romania that when you go out to eat, you can order appetizers, entrees, and desserts without concern. That’s what I call living.

2. Public WiFi is available and fast

Most places have free WiFi and Romania is low key known for having some of the best internet infrastructure around. I stayed in two different Airbnb's while in Romania. Both of them had blazing fast internet and the hosts didn’t even advertise this like it was a big deal. Fast connections are common.

3. The Bucharest Airport will connect you to the rest of Europe - for cheap

When I was in Bucharest, I met a couple who flew down from Berlin just for the day since the tickets were so cheap on Ryanair. Wizz Air also has a hub in Bucharest and they regularly have great flight deals around Europe. For example, I just looked up roundtrip tickets from Bucharest to London for less than $50 USD.

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4. Nightlife

If you’re one of those teachers who likes to get wild in their off time, Bucharest nightlife will please you. My first night going out in Bucharest made my last trip to Vegas feel like an elegant garden party.

5. There’s tons to do in Romania

I’m talking beach trips to the Black Sea. I’m talking epic hikes in the Carpathian Mountains. I’m talking hanging out in tiny Transylvanian villages. I’m talking random wine tastings in Romanian palaces. There’s even an amusement park built in an old salt mine. How terrifying and amazing does that sound?

6. Getting around Romania is inexpensive too

Cross-country train tickets cost a fraction of what they cost in Western Europe. Granted, you’ll have to ride a train that looks like it passed its prime many decades ago, but aren’t emerald velvet curtains part of the charm of any train? Getting around in the capital city is also affordable, with a one way ticket on the metro setting you back only about $0.60.

7. Romania is beautiful

Like, shed a single tear while riding the train through the breathtaking countryside because you’re so inspired beautiful. The landscape, the architecture, the lit up streets of old town, all of it is beautiful.

If you’re looking for a place in Europe to spend some time, Romania might be the place for you. With cheap prices, fast internet, awesome flight connectivity, great people, and a fascinating history, there’s a lot to love.

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