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If the answer is yes, you are among hundreds of thousands of others just like you who have made the move abroad to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

With hundreds of millions of people taking English classes around the world each year, the demand for fluent and native English speakers is the highest in history. Globalization and the growth of international business, travel, and education means that tens of thousands of schools in countries throughout the world are hiring hundreds of thousands of English teachers every year.  

International TEFL Academy can train you in 1 or 2 months to be a professional English teacher with our Online TEFL Certification and International TEFL Certification courses

What we do:
We offer lifetime job guidance assistance for our graduates to work overseas teaching English in over 80 countries worldwide.  If you would love to live and teach English abroad in Europe, Asia, Latin America or the Middle East, you are one decision away from making this dream happen.

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Contact us by phone at 773-634-9900 or request a brochure today.

Learn about the job opportunities in each country, requirements, international hiring processes, and TEFL/TESOL certification class options that will get you closer to living and working overseas. Our world headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois and we would love to have you visit us.

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How does it work? 

6 Easy Steps to Teach English Abroad as a
Professionally Trained English Instructor


  1. TEFL Certification - International TEFL AcademyDownload a brochure and chart of country options for teaching English abroad. Read further and learn about the world of English teaching and TEFL TESOL certification.

  2. Speak to a professional TEFL Admissions Advisor with a list of questions. Your advisor will explain all of the TEFL course options, teaching requirements, job interviewing procedures to help make this a reality for you.

  3. Choose a TEFL TESOL Class: Either Online TEFL Certification or International TEFL Certification ClassTuition ranges from $ 1,595- 2,495 for an Onsite TEFL certification course to $ 1,395 for the Online TEFL Certification course.

  4. Register for a TEFL TESOL certification course. 

  5. Complete our TEFL TESOL Certification Class and begin conducting a job search and interview for English teaching jobs worldwide.

  6. Live abroad, and have the most amazing adventure of your life Teaching English Overseas!


Not sure how to choose a TEFL training school?

Read our article on 7 Key Tips to Evaluate a TEFL TESOL Training School.

Who is International TEFL Academy?


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FAQ teaching English Abroad Interested in learning about the top questions people have about teaching English abroad, TEFL certification classes, making money, getting visas, going with friends, bringing pets, making friends and just figuring out how this all really works? 

Go to our FAQ page for some quick answers.                                            


TEFL Certification for Teaching English AbroadInternational TEFL Academy graduates must know something about quality....

Each year, International TEFL Academy trains over 3,500 new teachers from around the world. 

Read about some of the students who have taken TEFL TESOL certification courses worldwide or watch some of their videos

Our graduates stories first hand:

Check out our ITA Alumni page which includes their firsthand stories, blogs around the world.


Interested in articles about top teaching destinations, profiles on exotic country experiences, how to evaluate TEFL schools and jobs, and overall fun items to learn about other cultures? (If not, what are you doing on this site?) 

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Articles about teaching English abroad

How do I know this is a real class?

Learn about our external Accreditation
through TQUK and why it is important to have a credible, externally and well-known international authority oversee your training and certification process. It seems like a lot of alphabet soup while looking at TEFL schools, get straightforward answers about what is accepted and recognized versus a lot of fluff. A good TEFL school will be able to explain why they invest time and money to offer the highest quality certification.


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Teach, Travel, Explore! Teach English abroad with a TEFL certification.

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In a few months, you could be an International TEFL Academy graduate telling your friends how great it is to live and teach English abroad! The first way to see if teaching abroad with a premier TEFL certification is to request a brochure now and get the ball rolling.